Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


40. A mistake...

'Come in.' Tom said surprised. Lux stepped in and introduced herself to her father and explained everything. He listened carefully, like he started to listen to hear some mistakes of Harry, to kill Harry in his deepest of his heart. 

'Tell me what he did? You can stay here of course. But I have one problem. I don't have a room for you, only the basement.' Tom lied. He had one room but, show it, no. He wanted to use his own daughter to hurt Harry. Lux cried and told everything, without knowing this would destroy her and Harry. 

Tom gave her a cup of tea. Her hands embraced the cup and blew in the tea. 'Thank you dad.' She said thankful. 'You're welcome.' He answered and laid his hand on her upperleg.'Shall we look to your 'new room'. There is a bed in the basement, further on, we have to decorate it for you.' Tom said. 

He leaded Lux to the basement. 'Look around so we can see what you need, I'm gonna cook for us.' Tom said as an excuse and locked her. 'That's one.' Tom whispered when he was in the living room while Lux was in the basement. 'Harry you're dead.' He said and moved with his neck and thinking about a plan. 

While Tom was thinking about a plan, Harry thought where Lux could be. He was devastated, desperate, speechless, about the words he said, about the words Lux said. About all the things actually. The boys tried to calm Harry down but nothing helped, even searching. 

Lux looked around and thought she was done. She wanted to open the door. But nothing helped... 'Dad! Please don't lock me!' She cried. She gave up after half an hour, knocking on the door, screaming.

'Why does he locks me in?' Lux asked herself with her head banging to the wall and her body leaned to a wall. She regretted her decision. Her stupid, impulsive decision.

The next morning came Tom with some breakfast. 'Why are you locking me?' Lux asked. 'Because you will run away again!  I don't want you away from me!' He said but it were lies. He wants her to have her, to hurt Harry.

'I won't run away, please let me go. Don't lock me in this basement.' Lux begged. 'Sorry darling.' He touched her cheek. She looked mad at Tom. Tears coming from her face and he wiped them away with no emotions, like he was a person without a heart.

While Lux was locked in the basement, Harry was thinking about everything. The boys went already to Tom but Tom kept saying he didn't have Lux. Harry was desperate and didn't sleep for nights. He felt guilty. He promised Lou to take care of her daughter and now... the promise is broken, forever... 

Days they searched out of Lux nothing helped. Lux cried and regretted everything in her life. On a day she decided to keep her life in hands to break free of Tom, her real dad. She made a decision. Harry wasn't maybe the best, but he was better than Tom. He was the best dad that Lux has now.

She tried to get rid of Tom with maybe something in the basement. He came back for lunch after a days and came to her and before he could touch her, she kicked him. 'I want to go away.' She said. And ran the stairs up. But Tom caught her. She cried. 'Let me go, please dad.' She screamed and cried. 

'Shhh... Don't cry.' He tried to calm her down.Lux cried harder and harder and thought of Harry. He cared for her days and days. He promised her mom. Tom didn't. Suddenly the bell rang. Tom put Lux again in her basement, and got some rope and tape. 

He put Lux on her bed and made sure she couldn't move or scream. 'Shhh... Daddy will take care of you. You're mine.' He whispered and the next time the doorbell rang he went upstairs. Two men in a blue uniform stand before the door. In the car sat a desperate Harry, full of tears. 

'Can we speak to you, mr Atkins and look around the house?' One of the blue uniforms ask. 'For what?' Tom asked mad. 'We think your daughter is here. She's missing since a week and her adoptiondad Harry is worried about her. Do you know something about her?' Tom his head became red. 

'No actually not.' He tried to lie.One of the blue uniforms held Tom with the arms behind his back. The other looked around the house and saw after a time the basement. 'Ed, will you ask mister to open the basement?' the blue uniformed man asked. 'I don't have the keys, they are lost.' Tom answered but it was in his pocket. The blue man who probably names Ed and who caught Tom examined Toms body and got the keys. 'I have keys here. Maybe it's for the basement.' Ed said and threw it to his colleague. 

The other man tried to open the door and he succeeded. He hear something weird and examined the basement. There he saw Lux, tied into ropes and with a tape on her mouth. The blue man helped her out. She cried. The man held her in her arms. 'It's okay, he will be in jail. Don't worry. Harry, your adoption dad is in our car if you need him. The car is in front of the house. Do you want that I go with you to him?' The man calmed her down and Lux nodded. He picked Lux up and brought her upstairs.

'Ed, I find her. The man tied her up, poor girl. I'll bring her to Mr. Styles.' The man who carried Lux said. Ed nodded and brought Tom to another police car. Harry ran to Lux when he saw Lux in the arms of the policeman.

Harry took her over. 'I was wrong... you're my real dad.' Lux stuttered. 'It's okay, sweetie. I'm happy you're save again. Maude and the twins where worried about you too.' Harry said fast, in shock, but happy to have her again. 'We'll bring you again to the police office. Lux has to do a declaration before she goes back home. Sorry, to bother you both with it when you are finally together again.' The police man excused. 

Lux did her declaration and Harry brought her home. In the car it became silent and suddenly Lux said something: 'I should have listened to you instead of searching him up.' Harry looked at the road and laid on hand on her upperleg. 'I understand, you wanted to know him. But he left your mom and how he did to me, I didn't trust him to get you.' Harry said. 'It's okay now, so don't worry.' He added. 

Maude opened the door when she saw Harry's car. 'Lux!' She screamed and run to her and held her tight. 'I'm so happy you're safe. Macy and Toby really missed you.' Maude said. 'I missed you too Mom.' She finally said mom again after a whole time, where she didn't trust them. A smile was brought to the face of Maude. 

All the boys with their girlfriends and kids were there again. Megan and Niall talked first to Lux. Let her realize how good she has it here and what she caused now. Lux realized that she has a family, Harry, Maude, Macy, Toby, Niall, Megan, the other boys and girls. 

'We love you Lux. We really do.' Megan said in name of everyone. 'I love you all too. It was just a mistake, believing that he would miss me or love me. I made Harry worried... ' Lux cried and Niall put her in his arms. 'It's okay you're here again.' He said and went with Lux and Megan back to Harry and the rest. 

To end with a happy ending, they all made a picture and that picture stands now in Lux' dorm.

The End

Thank you for all your support and comments, and everything you did for me like favourite this story. 

I loved this story to write because everyone found this unique that I heard. A MASSIVE THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID. I love you all! 

I hope you liked the story because I want to make people smile and sometimes things with the books I make or made. This is the end of the book but that doesn't mean that it's the end of writing books for me :) 

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