Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


20. A day Hoenderdaell in Anna Paulowna

Next day everyone was early awake. 'Goodmorning my beautiful girls.' Harry said to Maude and Lux. Lux was crying. Harry stretched his arms and went to Lux. He changed her diaper and then he changed her clothes. 'We're going to eat soon little monster! Daddy Harry has to change him into clothes and Maude too and then we can go to breakfast.' Harry said to Lux. Lux nodded. 

Maude and Harry made themselves ready while Lux was playing with little blocks. When the couple was ready, they went with Lux downstairs.

Niall heard the alarm and started to wake up. He gave Megan several kisses. 'Wake up beautiful!' He said. 'No, no' Megan said moody. She hid her face in her pillow. Niall tried to get her away from the pillow. 'Niall, don't do this! I want to sleep.' Megan said while slapping with her arms around. 'Ouch! Megan!' Niall laughed and he picked her up and pushed her into the bathroom. 'Make yourself ready before we're late again!' Niall said. 'But Niall!' Megan whined and Niall started with looking for his clothes and put them on. After half an hour, Megan shuffled over the floor after bumping into the bathroomdoor.. Niall laughed with it. Niall went into the bathroom and Megan watched some TV.

Eleanor and Louis were quickly in the morning. They weren't so moody at all, just like Liam and Danielle. Danielle did her morning dance in her hotelroom. Perrie woke Zayn up and ran to the bathroom because she has a plane to her bandmates. Zayn had a problem with waking up but Perrie is the only one who gets him up early or late.

At 8.30 AM everyone shoved their feet under the table with a full plate of breakfast. Lux has her child chair at the end of the table. Next to her Harry and Niall said. Next to Harry sat Maude. And next to Niall sat Megan. Next to Megan, Louis sat with his girlfriend Eleanor, followed by Zayn. Danielle, Gemma and Liam sat next to Maude. 

Lux was messing up with her food. Niall and Harry got a lot of food on them. 'Lux, come on be a good girl and don't play with your food.' Harry whined but Lux was only laughing. 'Boys can't feed babies!' The girls said and Maude and Megan stood up and helped Lux to eat something. It succeeded so the boys could eat and go upstairs to change themselves again. The girls were talking and laughing about it. 

'Where are we going today?' Harry asked curious. 'Well, maybe I'm going to Anna Paulowna, my city where I lived before I went to London. My mom lives there. Maybe we could go first to Hoenderdaell, it is a sort of park and zoo. Can be fun for little lux.' Megan said. 

'Deal!' Harry said. He does everything to make Lux happy. Everyone agreed except Liam and Danielle because Danielle was stressed for her audition of Jessie J. They stayed at the hotel. Harry went upstairs to make a bag for Lux with diapers and food and more. Then everyone went into the cabs except Liam and Danielle. 

While the cabs drove to their destination, Niall and Harry kept Megan asking about Anna Paulowna and the Netherlands. 'Cheesehead tell us more about this country!' Harry teased Megan. Maude poked Harry. 'Meanie! You look like Lux. She's a good girl now and you're bad now.' She said and laughed. Lux was playing with her dolls on the floor of the cab/limo. 'Well we are known for our cheese, klumps, drop and windmills.' 'That's it?' Harry asked. 'I don't know more at the moment. It is a big country like the UK or France. Some places will have their specialities.' Megan answered.  After more than an hour sitting in the cab, everyone could step out because they arrived on their destination. They bought some tickets and installed the stroller for Lux so she could be put in the stroller. 

They walked around and at some animals, one of the boys picked Lux up and made her laugh with tickling or doing like an animal. Like for example, Louis imitated a lion and a tiger, Niall did like a monkey, Harry did like a bear. It was so cute to see and the girls laughed with it. Zayn had a nice day too without his Perrie. He was there with the boys and their girlfriends.

After walking around with the stroller and the boys and girls, Megan and Niall decided to go to Megans mother. Megan pushed the doorbell and her mom appeared confused. She looked weird at Niall and then she hugged her daughter thightly. It was her daughter, only child of her. 'Oh my god Megan! I missed you so much.' She said. Then she pulled away. 'Who may this young man be?' Megans mother asked. 

'This is Niall, my boyfriend. He is from Ireland. Member of One Direction.' Megan said. She doesn't want to say it was the boyband where she was obsessed about. 'Oh yeah, that band.' Her mom said and laughed. Megan already knows Niall will see her room and laugh because her room is full of posters of them. 'Come in!' Megans mom said and let them in. 

'So before London, you lived here?' Niall asked. Megan nodded. 'Need a guide tour?' Megan laughed. Niall nodded. Megan guided him around and the last stop was her room with her posters. Oh no her posters! She was flipping. 'Nice room, beautiful posters!' Niall smiled. 'Yeah, I was a huge directioner. I still am!' Megan laughed. 

'Harry is staring at you.' Niall teased her. 'He isn't here?' Megan narrowed her eyebrow. 'The poster.' Niall pointed to a Harry poster. Megan laughed. 'Oh no Niall! Not that poster! I was happy in London and here until you say something about that poster.' Megan said and went with a hand trough her hair. 'Creepy Harry can't get you. You're mine!' Niall said and grabbed Megan by her waist. He bit on his lip. Megan laughed and tiptoed so she could kiss her Niall. 

Her mom called them for dinner so they could eat something. 'Happily I have enough for 3.' Her mom said and smiled. 'Thank you mom of Megan. I really like it here and I promise to take care of Megan.' Niall said like a good boy. They ate and stayed there for a little while.

The rest of the boys and girls walked around in Hoenderdaell and then they searched for a restaurant in Anna Paulowna.After eating they waited for Niall and Megan. At 8 pm Megan and Niall arrived at the cabs. 'Had a good conversation with your mother-in-law?' Zayn teased Niall. 'Yeah, better than a conversation with you, vainie!' Niall answered while laughing. 'Not funny!' Zayn said and was busy with phone. 

Lux fell asleep in Harry's arms. It was silent in the cab because everyone looked at little Lux.When they arrived at the hotel, Harry put Lux in her playpen and took the baby alarm to the bar so the boys and girls could drink something together. Danielle and Liam were there too at the bar. 

'Tomorrow going to Belgium!' Louis said enthusiastic. 'Yeah and we're going with you all!' Eleanor added and Louis gave her a kiss. 'That's the best part of it! A tour with our beautiful girlfriends.' Liam said. Zayn was looking sad. 'Sorry Zayn.' Liam added. He hugged Zayn. 'You can't do nothing on it that my girlfriend has a tour to do.' Zayn said. 'Grouphugg!' Megan shouted and everyone hugged Zayn. He had to laugh very hard. 'Tomorrow with the tourbus to Belgium. I think we had to go at 11 AM.' Liam said. 'It is maybe time to go to bed.' Zayn said while looking at his watch.

'Yeah, good plan.' Niall said and stood up, grabbed Megans hand and let her standing up. They walked to their hotelroom and changed into their PJ's. They cuddled each other and fell asleep.

'Well, I think it's time to let this monster sleep.' Eleanor said and poked Louis. 'Hey! I'm not a monster.' Louis said disappointed. 'Oh no?' Eleanor said and started to run and Louis followed her to their hotelroom. Eleanor was locked into her hotelroom and Louis kissed her softly and then they went to bed. They changed into their PJ's. After a few minutes they fell asleep. 

'Come on Liam. I only have to stretch a few minutes and then I can go to bed. 'Danielle said. They went to their bed after Danielle had stretched. Zayn went to his bed too. He slept alone like Gemma did. Gemma was already in her bed. 

Last couple who went to bed was Harry and Maude. Harry took the baby alarm with him and put it on his night stand. He looked at Lux and gave her a little nightkiss. 'Goodnight little princess Lux.' He smiled and changed into his boxers. Maude changed into her PJ's and they fell asleep too. 

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