Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


19. 1D to the Netherlands

By the way, I have to thank all my fans, I saw I have more than 1000 views here on this story and more then 66 favs! It means a lot for me! Thanks Megan, Maude, Betheny, Raquel... To like the story or to entering the contest I did a time ago. You 4 are the most who gave reactions on my story. I'm so happy with you and the others too.

I'm so happy I reached 100 fans! :D

NOTE : It can be that I follow the love life of Megan & Niall too. Maybe in the next chapters I will considers POV, or what do you think? Just write it like I do now, or adding POV?

I hope you like it. :) Have fun to read this :) 


'You have already everything you need?' Zayn asked Harry. He checked his suitcase and Lux'. Gemma did hers. Harry nodded. They went to the airport and went to their plane. Everything went right. 

---------- After the flight ----------

'We're arrived!' Louis said and grabbed his suitcases. He went trough the customs. 'First is out! Come on! We have to wait for the girls! Eleanor is coming too!' Louis said happy. Then Zayn and Liam went trough the customs. 'Come on!' Zayn said and then Niall went trough it. After Niall, Gemma tried. She had to put off some accesories. Then she could go trough customs. Then Harry and Lux went trough customs. It was not a problem. Then the boys waited for the boys. 

They waited at the arrival for the girls. They knew they were later then them. First Louis saw Eleanor. Louis ran to his favourite girl. He spun her around and she laughed. 'Louis!' Eleanor said and Louis kissed Eleanor.

The next girl was Danielle. Liam picked her up and gave her a kiss. They were such a cute couple. 'I love you.' Liam said to Danielle. 'I love you too!' Danielle said and hugged Liam and kissed him. Danielles hands stayed on his neck and after a while they walked to Harry and the rest of the lads.

Perrie wasn't in the Netherlands because she had a concert. The next girl who came was Megan. Niall ran to his girl and spun her around. 'My dutchie!' Niall said and Megan laughed. 'You missed me?' Megan asked and Niall nodded. He picked her up. 'My cheesy dutchie!' Niall said. 'Why cheesy?' Megan asked and laughed. 'Because the Netherlands love cheese! You're my cheesy dutchie now!' Niall explained. Megan laughed. 'And you're my Irish Leprechaun!' she said and went trough his hair. 'Oh my god! You're unbelievable!' Niall said to her and touched her nose. She kissed him. The couple went to the rest of the boys. 

Harry was hoping for a miracle. 'Is she coming?' Harry asked Megan. She shrugged her shoulders. Harry sighted and was about to walk away when he heard 'Harry?' from a familiar voice. He looked around and his brightest and biggest smile appeared on his beautiful face. 'Curly, I thought you missed me and you walked away now? That's not sweet!' The girl said. It was Maude. Harry laughed. 'I didn't expect you here!' He said and walked to Maude. 

'What are you going to do? Not happy to see me?' She asked. 'Of course I'm happy too see you.' He answered. 'So... how are you going to prove it?' 'How do you want it to prove?' Harry asked and smirked. 'Maybe just ... a kiss...' Maude said and narrowed her eyebrows while smirking. Harry leaned in. He was a little bit nervous.' What if she didn't like it? What if she doesn't love me? If she doesn't me love me, she doesn't say that?' Harry thought in himself. He leaned in and kissed Maude. It looked like he wanted to do that for a century. 

Harry heard the boys saying 'Awh'. He pulled back from the kiss. He turned around and looked mad at them. Then he looked back to Maude. 'So you love me like I love you?' Harry asked.  'Of course.' Maude answered. She hugged him and laid her arms around his neck. They walked to the boys and girls. They were hugging each other and then they walked to the cabs. Each couple has a cab. 

Megan and Niall were talking in the cab about their experiences when Niall was on tour. 'I'm so happy to see my parents again Niall. Can I introduce you to them?' Megan pouted. 'I'm not sure Meg, what if they hate me because I'm a international star. I can't take care of you all the time...' Niall said insecure. 'They will love you! Even if they know you are in a band called One Direction! They have to accept my opinion that I only choose you!' Megan said and kissed Niall whose smile went bigger.

Danielle and Liam had a lot to say. Danielle is selected for a music video for Jessie J. Liam was so happy for her. Eleanor and Louis were talking about London and moving in together. Louis and Eleanor decided to live in one house instead of two. Maybe just an apartment or a flat. Zayn was with them in a cab. Poor Zayn. He hadn't his girlfriend there...

Harry and Maude were talking in the cab. 'So we're a couple now?' Harry asked curiously. Maude nodded. 'If it's alright for you.' Maude said and Harry kissed Maude. Lux clapped in her hands. Lux sat on Gemmas lap who was happy her brother has found someone where he could spend his life with. 'So you accept me and Lux?' Harry asked insecure. Maude nodded. 'Of course, I love you how you are and Lux is such a cutie!' Maude said and Lux clapped in her hands and wanted to go to Maude. Lux crawled into Maudes lap. 'Hi little girl! I missed you too!' Maude said to Lux while stroking Lux' hair.

Lux giggled and hugged Maude. Harry looked at his 'two girls'. He was proud of them. Betheny was right. He could get Maude. He didn't believe it now. 'Aude!' Lux giggled. She hugged Maude and fell asleep. 'You know you, Gemma and little Lux, has to take another way than me? The fans wants to have pictures and photographs but I don't want them to push or pull you and the others. The girlfriends has another way to come into the hotel. The boys and I will step out first and then you and the other will step out on an other place.' Harry explained Maude. She nodded. 'I know the procedure.' Gemma assured Maude.

After a while Harry stepped out with his suitcases and a lot of fans were screaming 'HARRY,LIAM,LOUIS,ZAYN,NIALL'. Happily Lux was sleeping because she hate it when Harry's away. At the next stop all the girls stepped out and ran into the hotel. Then they hugged each other. 'I'm so happy for Hazza that he find you!' Eleanor said to Maude. 'Yeah, Niall was so sad Harry was the only one without a girlfriend and now he has. Niall couldn't be sad anymore in the cab.' Megan said.

Maude smiled softly. 'I realized when he was on tour that he's what I want.' Maude said softly and smiled. 'Awh' the girls said. Then the boys ran to their girls. Maude had Lux in her arms. Lux was sleeping. Harry ran with his luggage to the girls, followed by Niall, Louis and Liam. Zayn was walking slowly. He had nothing while suddenly he had call.

Z - Hi?

P - Honey, it's me Perrie.

Z - Perrie? Are you that? 

P - Yes, look behind you.

Zayn looked around and he let his phone fall. He couldn't believe it! His Perrie was here! He picked up his phone and ran to his girl. He spun her around and kissed her. 'Zayn... I should hang up the call before we spill more money.' Perrie said while laughing. He hung up the call like Perrie did. 

The boys and girls went to their hotelrooms. Every couple shared a room. Lux had a room with Maude & Harry. Gemma had her own room.

At Megan & Niall's room was an interested conversation. They were packing out. Megan couldn't reach the highest shelf so she tiptoed to reach it when suddenly Niall stood behind her and scared her. She fell in his arms, happily! 'Niall don't scare me again!' Megan said. 'You're just so clumsy.' 'I'm not.' Megan poked Niall. 'But it's cute! You're clumsy my little cheesy dutchie.' Niall said and grabbed her nose. 

Niall picked her up and spun her around. Then he laid her on the bed. Liam opened the door. 'Sorry to disturb you. Rehearsals are within an hour.' Liam said, put his hand on his eyes and closed the door and disappeared. Megan and Niall laughed.

In Maude & Harry's room was it nice. Lux was sleeping peacefully. 'Well, I'm happy to see you here. The boys convinced me to write that letter with the tickets. I was scared you would refuse it.' Harry said a little bit sad. 'Come on Styles. I would be dumb if I do that.' Maude said. She gave Harry a kiss. 'Harry, rehearsals within an hour.' Louis said while opening the door and closing it. 

'Duty calls me within an hour!' Harry said laughing. 'But for this hour I'm all yours!' Harry said. Maude laughed. Harry was installing Lux playpen so she could sleep there at night. When he installed it, he put her in her playpen. 'So more place at night.' Harry laughed. 'Lux is so cute.' Maude said. 'You know if you and I were together that we have to take care of Lux. I've promised Lou for that.' Harry said. Maude nodded. 'I'd love to do that. If I choose for you, I choose for Lux too!' Maude said laughing. 

After an hour the boys went to the rehearsals. The girls went with Lux to a bar. Lux was awake and was with Gemma and Maude. Lux wasn't scared from the girls. They were talking about the boys and 'the new couple.' After 2 hours rehearsal, the boys arrived. 'Hi my cheesy dutchie.' Niall said behind Megan who was scared again. 'Niall never do that again!' She said and Niall laughed. He hang over Megan to kiss her. 'Better?' He asked. 'Much better.' Megan laughed. 

Louis picked Eleanor up so Eleanor sat on Louis lap and Louis sat on the chair. Liam walked with Danielle to their room. She had to exercise so Liam helps her with it. Like when she had to do something with 2. Perrie was softly singing and Zayn sang with her too. 

Maude was thinking about something when Harry gave her a little kiss on her cheek. 'I ant a kwiss too daddi Hawwi!' Lux said and clapped in her hands. Harry pouted his lips in the direction of Lux and Lux grabbed Harry's head and pulled his head on hers. 

Maude and Gemma laughed. 'Soo cute!' Gemma said. 'I know you're gonna have beautiul children later brother because if you do like this with Lux you can do it later like that!' Gemma added. 'Within 3 hours we have to go on stage so we have 2 hours to spend. I've organised you can stay backstage or on the best places of the stadion.' Harry said. 

Harry, Maude, Gemma and Lux went to their rooms. Harry changed Lux clothes and her diaper. 'Stinky bum!' Harry said and Lux giggled when Harry went with his nose into her stomach. She grabbed his curls. 'Oh no Lux. We're not going to grab my curls!' Harry said and Maude laughed. 'Let me help a little bit Styles!' She said and went to Harry and Lux. She took carefully Lux hands out of Harry's curls. 'So now you can go further.' She said and Harry made Lux ready. 'Now you're a good girl and ready to rock!' Harry said and let her sit up on the changing table. Lux laughed. Maude changed quickly her clothes and then it was Harry's turn so Maude could take care of Lux. Gemma was in her own room. 

'Ready?' Harry asked Maude. She nodded and they went with Lux and her bag to the hallway, waiting for the others. First Liam and Danielle arrived with Louis and Eleanor. Then Zayn and Perrie. As last Niall and Megan arrived, more than 10 minutes later than Zayn and Perrie. 'Sorry boys, it was Megan.' Niall said. 'No, you were the guilty one! You couldn't resist me, kissed me and so I couldn't  change myself.' Niall cut her off. 'Yeah and then you fell on the ground because you struggled over something.' Everyone laughed. 'That's not nice, Horan.' Megan said and crossed her arms. 

'I love you too princess.' Niall said and kissed her forehead. 'I don't love you anymore Horan.' She said crossing her arms and followed the group who walked away to the entrance and exit of the hotel. 

- At the backstage of the concert - 

'You know we have meet & greets after the concert?' Liam asked. Everyone nodded. 'You could stay here but you can also walk around.' Louis proposed. 'Still mad honey?' Niall asked Megan. 'Yes, but I won't mad anymore if you will say this: Megan is the best girl in the entire world and it was my fault we were late!' 'What? No! That last isn't true and that first one, you know that already.' Niall said. 

Megan laughed. 'Okay, you have to say the first one then and you have to give me ten kisses!' She giggled. 'With pleasure. Megan' He kissed her. 'Is' kiss. ' the' kiss 'best' kiss 'girl' kiss 'in ' kiss 'the' kiss 'entire' kiss 'world' And then he gave her two kisses after the word 'world'. 'That's good! You've succeeded your task. You have me back.' Megan said. Niall laughed and spun Megan around. The girls said goodbye to their boys and they went to their places. The boys had to make them ready for the concert. 

-Start of the concert-

The boys appeared on the stage and the girls cheered. Maude helped Lux waving at the boys and Harry. 'Daddi Hawwi!' Lux cheered and Harry looked at the direction of Lux and smiled. He waved back and went further with the concert. The whole concert was amazing! Lux was at the end exhausted so she fell asleep with her head on Gemma's lap and with her bum on Maude's lap. 

When the boys went off the stage, Maude picked Lux up and laid Lux' head on her shoulder. Gemma held the bag of Lux. The girls went to the backstage. Into the dressing room, Lux woke up. She looked at Harry and did a sign that he has to pick her up. He did that and she fell asleep again. After a while Harry put Lux into the couch so he could go further with the meet and greets and with changing.

A lot of fans wanted a picture of the girlfriends of 1D too. After the meet and greets, Lux woke up. She was crying. Harry picked her up and rocked her again. But it didn't helped so he gave her her food. Then he changed her diaper. After changing it, she fell asleep. Everyone decided to go to their hotel.

Megan & Nialls room was next to Harry & Maude's. Gemma also slept next to Harry & Maude's room. 'I'm tired.' Megan whined. Niall and Megan arrived in their hotel room and he picked her up in bridal style and put her on their bed. She giggled. 'Crazy Niall! I have to put my PJ's on before I can sleep!' Megan said. 'I will help you!' Niall smirked and gave her a kiss. She stepped out her bed and grabbed her PJ's. Niall put on his boxers. 'Don't look at me!' Megan said insecure. 'Don't be so insecure about your body. You're beautiful how you are.' Niall said and walked to her and picked her up. Megan screamed but not so loud that the whole hotel could hear it. Niall put Megan in her bed and they went for a sleep. It would be a long night. 

At the room of Gemma wasn't it very loudly. She slept on her own. Danielle and Liam were soon asleep too. Just like Louis and Eleanor. 

'Are you sure she could sleep the whole night?' Maude asked Harry. 'Normally she can do that.' Harry answered and put Lux in her playpen. He put his boxers on while Maude changed herself in the bathroom. She came out with a night gown. 'I can't believe it that I have you now.' Harry whispered. Maude came to him. 'Believe it, I'm yours now.' She smiled while whispering. They crawled into their bed and slept. 

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