Save me

i feel his fingers run across my back and down my waist, the hair on my arms is on edge.i gently move my hands up his chest and to the back of his neck, playing with the prickle of his hair. I slowly lift my head to reach his cinnamon eyes. i hear a loud alarm go off and come back to reality... a dream.


1. Life

A loud buzz fills my ears and forces me to open my eyes, I stretch out my legs and scrunch up my nose in pain when i feel the freshly cut wounds rub against my pj's. Eventually I get up and have a shower, i let the soothing hot water roll over my back and down my legs. i feel a slight jab in the guts when I see my cuts scattered across my body. I put on a pair of light blues jeans, a thingly knitted jumper and my beanie.

''good morning Alice'' Dad says and offers a smile, I glance at him and turn back to the fridge not wanting anything to do with him "how did you sleep?" he asks turning the page of his newspaper.

''Fine if you even care" I say blankly slamming the fridge and make my way to the front door slinging my bag over my back.

 "I know its hard without your mother but I am trying Alice. You don't have to keep blocking me out" he says seriously pushing back his chair.I feel tears forming in my eyes when i hear about mum and quickly exit the house. The tears start flowing out of my eyes uncontrollable once i am off the drive way.My mum died last year from a car accident, and since then I have never been the same and wedge a gap in between my dad and I. 


Once I could control my tears I had just arrived at school and spotted Emily."hey!" she yelled and pulled me in for a hug."hi" I say struggling for air.

"so how are you? Like with your mum and everything?" she says gently patting my to reassure me. I liked how I could talk to her about anything and she'll always be there for me.

"I'm getting there, slowly" she gives me a worried smile as we start walking towards the school hall. we reach the lockers and I pull out my biology text books for the first period.

"so hows niall?" I tease making kissing noises, she nudges me lightly in the should. "ow!" I yell sarcastic. she giggles "he"s fine, well more than fine he's amazing Alice. I think I might be falling for him" she looks at me with her big brown eyes.

"aw Em that's great!" I yell and give a quick hug until the bell rings, "well i guess I'll see at lunch then" i give her one last hug and made my way to my first class... biology. I never been good at it or even shown interest in that matter. 


I make a short turn to the left before bumping into a hard chest, making me spill my books across the ground. "I'm so sorry, I'm kind of new here" said a strong english accent. I look up to see a muscular guy with dark black hair and dark cinnamon brown eyes. he had a dark blue jeans with a white t-shirt that was tight enough for me to see his vast biceps. I was standing there completely frozen staring right at him like some sort of freak. 

"'s fine um..." I eventually barely say while kneeling down and picking up my books, he also kneels down and helps me pick up the books. i don't understand why would someone as hot as him be talking to me right now?

"ah miss Perrin I see that you have met our new student" Mr finn says appearing from around the corner."well I am assigning you to take care him and make him more than welcome at our school."

"Yes sir" i say breathily, Mr Finn giving the guy a friendly smile.

"I'm sorry, my name is Zayn Malik" he says extending his hand out.

"Alice" I say shaking his hand. His hand were warm and gentle at the touch, i release from his grasp and we steadily stand up.



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