Courtney Jane Lappin: People In Need

'Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten.'

This is a diary where I might talk about Courtney, or other people in need, or other people's problems or just anything. Anyone who is going through things such as: being abused, bullied, harming themselves, close to commiting suicide, etc. No one should have to deal with this alone. Let people know so they can help you. That is what I'm trying to do with this movella.

I hope you like it, this is difficult for me to think about let alone, put on the internet for the world to see.
If you are in need, email:

Rach xo.


2. 21/12/13 12:59 a.m

Well, guess what everyone. I hadn't thought about Courtney all day (which is good coz then I would be moping around everywhere). But then I decide to check Facebook, the worst f*cking site ever made and you know what I see??

Someone had hacked into her account and was writing stuff like:

'I am the girl from Christmas past, repost this or I'll rip your throat out'

'dont worry, I'll be back, back, back. Back again, gain, gain'

Etc, etc.

All his sick sh*t.

i just don see the point, I mean why would someone do that? There is no logical explanation for it and it just makes me sick. I was at my friends house when I read so I didn't want to react too badly and vomit everywhere, so I just took it on the chin and I'm gonna wait til I get home. Then imma throw a massive tanty and eat chocolate and icecream and chocolate ice cream until I vomit. (And I don't like chocolate ice cream so that could end badly). 


*sigh* I would say that that is the end of my rant by I'm far from finished. Faaaaaarrrr awaaaaaaaaay. So you know what I did, I turned on the wifi and watched Troye Sivan, Elyar Fox, O2L, Connor Franta, JC Caylen, Ricky Dillion, Jack and Finn and some other peeps I can't remember, but anyways...I'm annoyed, I'm gonna sleep before I explode.


*wink* byyyyyyyeeeee

Rach xo.

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