Through The Dark.. (a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hi my name is Julie and this is a little about me. I live with my abbusive step-dad since my mom died. He makes me feel worthless and tells me i will never get married cause im an ugly peice of shit. I'm very skinny.a seventeen year old who still fits in KID clothing. He hardly feeds me thats a reason why im so skinny. One day i will leave this darkness. I know i will.


6. school

I got out the car and walked to my 'popular' friends.

hey guys i said and walked to my bae jazlyn.

You look cute she complimented.

Ohh so your saying I never look cute i laughed.

Shut up J she said and gave me a hug.

Why weren' you here yesterdayand why are you with louis she winked.

I'll tell you sixth period i said and walked to class.

I saw my friend jada and ran up to her.

hey nandos bitch I said and hugged her.

Oh my god Jules Why weren't you here and what did he do?

I cried remeering what happened that dsy and she hugged m.

I'll tell you and Mary in class i said. She nodded and we walked to class.

When we enetered i saw Mary with a boy with a nerdy glasses at our group.  Our tables were all set for four and me jada and mary were the olny ones with three.

Hey mary i said.

oh  babe what happened she asked.

Wjat do you think i said and she hugged me.

I'll tell you in a bit i said and she nodded.

Oh well Jada and Julie this is Harry.

Hey Im julie..Julie Alvarez i smiled.and this is Mary Avalos.

hi Im harry he smiled.

You look so cute i said

He smiled and blushed.

Are you new here Mary asked.

Y-yes he replied.

Oh well you'll love it us three we're the coolest people you will ever know I laughed.

Julie you can't be cool your toooooo weird jada said.

I smiled..I know I am and I also think I'm toooooo weird to hang with yall un weird people i laughed.


Harry's POV

I liked these girls..they did whatever they wanted and were afraid to call themselved weird. I laughed at them  and then some guys with some slutty looking girls walked past me.

Hey look at the laughed.

He's so ugly..that's a face only a mother could love the girls said.

Hey excuse me but you shouldn't be talking Julie said.

Now waht do you want bitch the girl said.

I want you to leave my friend alone.

Uhh.No she said.Why be friend with hi I mean look at his outfit the girl said.

Look at yours it looks like one of those prostritute outfit. and a cheap one Julie laughed.

Whatevr the girl said ad walked away.

T-thanks i smiled.

No problem..Harry I don't like when people talk about my friends she smiled and hugged me.

Okay soo what you getting me for christmas Jada asked.

Umm..well I was thinking some shoes sinc you absolutly adore them Mary said.

and  I'll get you that beanie you've been askeing for. The blue one with your name.

Okay and for yall two it's a surprise jada laughed.

Oh well Mary I'm goign tp get you a purpse probably and harry?

Yes i asked.

What do you want Julie asked.

Umm well i dont know. I know what I'm getting you she smiled.

Oh so jules what happened jada asked.

H-he r-rrraped.julie said about to cry.

Oh god No!! why!! that asshole jada yelled.

Julie cried more as Mary tried to calm down Jada. Jada was ferious and she looked like she wanted to hurt someone.

I got up and walked to Julie. I wrapped my arms around her and she hugged me back.

D-did you hear she asked.

I nodded.Yes Im sorry i said.

Who i asked?

My step dad ryan she said and stoppe crying. She wasn't sad she was angry.

She's very bipolar when it comes to her emotions.

After that the teacher walked in with a student. Julie's eyes lit up as she saw who it was.

Now Louis this i your new class...less of your friends are here so I hope you'll concetrate better.

The boy,louis,nodded.Where do I sit he asked.

Well grab a chair and sit oer there with Mary.There's a new boy so I hope yall become friends the teacher saidand louis walked to my table.



He looked mad,but whe  he saw Julie his facial expression changed and he stopped poutng and smiled.

Hi  he said.

Jada,Mary and I'm Julie.

I know who you are Julie he said. Julie looked up from her book and smiled.

So class i would like for yall to get to know eachother better so ask each other questions and just go one from there the teacher said and left.

I'm harry i said.

Soo m fisrt Jada said. Harry!

Huh i asked.

Whats your full name.

Harold Edward Styles and yalls i asked the others.

Louis William Tomlinson,Louis said

Marilyn Hope Avalos mary said.

Faith Juliet Alvarez.julie said.

We asked eachother more questions then we left to our next class.



sorry it sucked  but its christmas eve so Merry christmas guys and lots of love to all of yall pls reaad my toher fan fic and tell what yall think of them.Ohh and comment/fav/like cx

ps:I LOOOOOOVE food!!!! cx tehehehe c;



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