Through The Dark.. (a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hi my name is Julie and this is a little about me. I live with my abbusive step-dad since my mom died. He makes me feel worthless and tells me i will never get married cause im an ugly peice of shit. I'm very skinny.a seventeen year old who still fits in KID clothing. He hardly feeds me thats a reason why im so skinny. One day i will leave this darkness. I know i will.


8. parties & kisses

Julie POV

I was jealous after that.I stormed off to find Natalie.



Louis POV


Jamie came up to me and kissed me. She LITERALLY sticked her tounge down my throat. Ugh!! Disgusting! I pushed Jamie away but she moved back to me.

C'mom Lou lets have some fun she slurred.

No Jamie leave me got a boyfriend I pushed.

Hey what are you doing wiht my girlfriend a guy yelled. It was Jamies boyfriend.

Hey dude calm down I pushed her way she came back i explained.

Bullshit he said and punche me. The huy was like a giant compared to me.He threw punches at me and I fought bakc too. He knocked me down anad kicked my stomach reapetedly.It fucking hurt!


''What the fuuu... Louis?''i eard a familiar voice yell.

Someone helped me up and kicked everyone out the house. It was Harry who helped me up and he led me to the couch.He said bye and left.Then Julie came.She looked like she was crying.Why would she cry?

C-cmon Lou Ley me help you et cleaned up.I got up and follwed her to the restroom.

I sat on the toilet,while she got the first aid kit.

L-l-lou-louis? she asked and looked at me.She was crying.

Julie don't cry come here i said.She came to me and I hugged her.

What's wrong?

I--I thought you were seriously hurt.

Bab..I mean Julie I'm fine you see just a few bruises and a busted lip.

She nodded and continued cleaning my few cuts.

She put a cloth to my lip and it hurt.I mouthed it off.

Louis Its not going to get better if you don't leave it she said and came closer to me with rhe cloth.She got right in front of my face and was about to put the cloth when I kisssed her. I was expecting her not to kiss back but she did. I kissed her like my life depended on it. She broke the kiss and rested her forhead on mine.I smiled and she smiled back.

Le-lets go to bed I asked

She nodded and walked to my room.

We layed on my bed and cuddled for a few minutes.She finally broke he silence.

L-Louis..why did you k-k-kis me?

I-I dont know.

Lou I really like you.a lot.

me too my faith I chuckled.

Julie d-do you wanna go on a date with me?

She looked shocked but nodded.Tommorrow night then i said and kissed her head.

Good Night Love i siad.

She blushed.

Do you like whwen i call you Love?

She blushed and nodded yes.

Haha okay tommorow night out date Its going to be great.

She chuckled and sgreed.

Can't wait..good night Love i smiled.



Hope yall like it cz what do yall think and thier ship name?

my cousin said hahaha xD Loulie hahahahha lmaoo (:

comment waht yall think it should be

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