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1. Eyes Full of Beauty

Melody's POV

I walk into the classroom books in my hand and backpack on my shoulder. Today is my first day but honestly I could careless. I've switched out of two schools this year and it has only been a month into the school year. Expelled for fighting and for vandalism to say the least I'm a rebel. Well that's what all the adults say I am. But they have it all wrong I'm just a girl who hasn't found home yet.

"Hi you must be Melody Truman, I'm Ms. Carter and you are early. Please take a seat were ever you feel comfortable," says the woman writing on the chalk board pointing at all the empty seats around the room. I guess that's the beauty of having parents that wake you up at the crack of dawn. I took a seat in the middle of the room and took out a notebook that I used for my masterpiece that someday will be in every alley. You see my foster parents think I've gotten over the whole vandalism thing but it's the only thing I have left of my brother. My brother and I have been separated for the past two years because of the foster care system. He has a thing for street art which is basically art outside of the museum. Anyways the week before we were split apart he taught me how to make my own street art and I've been doing it ever since.

DING DING DING!!!!! The school bell sounded shaking me out of my thoughts. Kids soon flooded the hallway with their laughter and loud conversation.

Jason's POV

Like every morning I drove to school on my black motorcycle. Late like always not giving a f*ck about anything. Yep that's me. My inner wolf constantly irritating the sh!t out of my soul for no apparent reason. If you haven't figured it out yet yes I'm a werewolf . Yes, as in part human and part wolf.

I walk into the school headphones in my ears hands in the pockets of my black Levi's jeans I ignore the looks I get from all the girls. To say they were desperate was an understatement I mean they literally undressed me with their eyes. I was on my way to first period English class that is until I was distracted by a strong sent that filled my lungs. I followed the smell all the way to my first period class. Once I got to the door the smell instantly became intoxicating. I opened the door and for the first time in my 17 years of existents my heart stopped as our eyes met. I swear I almost lost it when she looked away. Her eyes where so beautiful. Gosh! I could get lost in those deep purple eyes.

Melody's POV

I was minding my own tapping the pencil on the desk getting pulled deeper in the world of rap and hip hop. That is until some guy tapped me on the shoulder.

I tell you I was truly pissed to be interrupted in the middle of my "crank" session. Just as I turned half way I felt my heart pounding through my chest when my eyes locked on some soul piercing green eyes. I quickly looked back down at my notebook trying to focus myself a bit. I swear I must be blushing like an idiot. I look back up to the door and noticed he was gone. Sighing in disappointment and went back to my sketching.

"Excuse me but is this seat taken?" was the question I was asked are someone pulled my earphones out. I felt my body slightly tremble at the sound of his deep voice. I looked up in to a beautiful pair of green eyes and rolled my eyes saying no and placing my earphones back into my ears. I hate the way guys think girls are easy and though he was very yummy and what not I was not going to let my guard down for anyone. I continued to sketch and listen to music. That how I was the entire class not looking at the beautiful stranger even though I could feel him burning holes through my face. Knowing I had his attention made me smile to myself and even made me blush a little. After an hour into class to bell rang.

Jason's POV

"Excuse me but is this seat taken?"I asked after having pulled out her left earphone leaning in close to her ear. I watched as her body trembled after the word left my lips. I smirked a bit knowing that I had that effect on her. She looked up at me and I felt my heart stop once again. She was so breath taking. She had long curly black hair and bangs swooped to the side out of her face. Man she was so badass in that tight black tank top, black skinny jeans, and her copped sleeveless leather jacket. I had to fight the urge to take her right their on the teachers desk. She rolled her eye and snapped at me saying no. Damn she was a feisty one. I took a seat next to her and I swear I tried not to look at her but she was so gorgeous I couldn't help it. I saw her smile to herself and couldn't help but wonder what the hell she was thinking. Was she blushing? I saw an dark rosy color form on her light brown sugar colored cheeks.

"God why won't you just kiss her idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled my inner wolf.

Man I swear I really wanted to but I didn't want to scare her off. I felt like we were the only In the room that is until the bell rang. I grabbed her books but just as quickly as I grab her books she snatched them back glaring at me. That when I saw it. Those beautiful once purple eye were gold. I've only once seen it before in my lifetime. It's very rare to find such a creature still in existence.

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