Supernatural one shots

Just some supernatural one shots, including some fluff, drables, AUs, smut, everything.
Warnings on fics that have smut.
Lots of Destiel, so warnings on that too :)
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3. You Don't Scare Me

this is during season 5 when dean and sam split up and go their own way. dean and cas are together and are hunting together. they're still looking for god, but they've stopped at a crappy motel and have been sharing a few drinks :) enjoy!

"Dean I'm so sorry. I thought...I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I was helping. But I was wrong, I was so so wrong. I hope that one day you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.I know I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. But i hope that you'll stop fearing me the way you seem to right now. I'm not going to disappear again and I'm not going to go crazy again. I just want you to know this." Castiel finished his short speeck with a hopeful glance at the hunter sitting in front of him before returning his gaze to the old coffee table in front of him.

Dean was quiet. He opened his mouth but shut it after a few moments when no words came out. He simply stared at the angel.

"Cas you don't scare me, and you never will." The hunter said after a long quiet pause. Castiel looked up at him, a small half smile on his face and wet eyes. Dean gave a small smile back before standing up and pulling the angel onto his feet and gathering him into a bone crunching hug. Cas was so relieved and leaned heavily on his hunter. Dean held him close, burying his nose in Cas' dark hair.

Cas slowly inhaled and committed Dean's smell to memory. After shave, whiskey, and motor oil. The perfect way to describe Dean. They pulled away slightly and Dean gently pressed his lips to Castiel's forehead and the angel closed his eyes and smiled at the touch.

"C'mon, Cas." Dean said pulling away from the angel completely this time and turned towards the queen sized bed. "Lets get some rest. We got work to do." Dean said with a wink. 


(A/N)bleh so this was just something i wrote when i should have been writing a sonnet in english class today. i started some smut so i'll finish that then probably post it tomorrow. Planning on posting my sonnet because it's about destiel :)

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