Supernatural one shots

Just some supernatural one shots, including some fluff, drables, AUs, smut, everything.
Warnings on fics that have smut.
Lots of Destiel, so warnings on that too :)
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2. some fluff for you

dean and cas are together at this point (not a specific time period but i'll go with right before "road trip") hope you enjoy, it's not too long, just a little somethin somethin i randomly just wrote about 10 mins ago :)


You're My Everything- Destiel fluff

Who better to fall in love with, but an angel who had fallen from above

"Cas, listen to me for once will you? You're not as bad as you think you are okay? Please just calm down, put the bottle down and lets go talk about this." Dean said to his angel as he stood in the bathroom with a bottle of whiskey in his hands, staring into the mirror.

"Dean I...I don't like it."Cas said with a rough voice. He sounded so sad and pathetic, Dean could almost feel his heartbreaking.

"What Cas? What don't you like?"

"Me. I don't like me. I don't like who I've become. I always think I'm doing the right thing, but all I do is cause more and more trouble and pain. And I can't do it anymore. I can't take this Dean. I've taken all I can."

"Babe, please lets go talk somewhere else. Just put the bottle down and calm down."Dean pleaded witht the angel

Castiel put the bottle down gently on the vanity and turned towards Dean. He looked at him with sad tired eyes that were brimming with tears. He stepped closer to the hunter who looked back at him with suck heart warming concern that it made the tears that had been threatening to spill over finally fall down his unshaven cheeks. Dean grabbed his had and pulled him in for a bone crushing hug before loosening his grip and grabbing behind Cas' knees and swinging him over his shoulder, carefully.

"Hey! Dean put me down immediately! I am an angel of the Lord and you should show me some respect!" Cas half heartedly attempted to free himself but gave up, knowing his strength was no match for the well trained hunter.

Dean carried him into the bedroom and tossed him down on the bed, then joined him, wrapping an arm around Cas and pulling him close.

"Cas.  I know who you are. You're more that just a simple fallen angel without his grace. You're Castiel who likes pb&j's at 3 in the morning. Who fogets that he has to shower and shave on a regular basis. Who has nightmares so vivid you wake up crying and screaming, waking me to hold you and I'm always right there for you. You like classic rock, or at least pretend to for my sake. You treat your job as a sales associate at a gas n' sip like the world depends on you doing your job just right. You're Castiel and you are so much more than you think. You're the love of my life and you mean more to me than anyone ever has. And that'll never change, no matter what you do. But if you take yourself away from me, just know that I'll be following you. Because I can't live in a world without you. There ain't no me if there ain't no you." Dean's speech brought more tears to both of their eyes. The idea of Cas actually dying, permanently, was physically painful to Dean. He could feel his stomach tightening at just the thought alone. 

"Dean I love you but I just can't do this."

"I'll see you in heaven then."



(A/N) im crying omg this was a lot more emotional that i thought it was going to be and it hurts me internally. I'm sorry i haven't updated a lot, you know christmas, new years and then exams have just been getting in the way of my writing and reading and supernatural writing (btw that last episode [first born] was so irritating cause i thought there was gonna be something major happening but it didn't really)

but okay so i have something i'd like to discuss. apparently destiel is going cannon??? (its gonna be a legit thing) and idk if i like that idea because it'd make it a little awkward to write fanfics and headcannons and things  like that like i'm really not sure if i want it to go cannon??? anyways nobody will read this so i'm basically talking to myself here

thanks for reading, commenting and favoriting!!! i love you all!!!



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