Time Is Frozen

I've’ve never appreciated someone so much as I appreciated her. She stood there smiling, her vibrant green eyes sparkling, all because of what I said. If I was Lauren, I wouldn’t be as happy as she is. She has been through so much yet, she still has the strength to smile. She may be week on the outside, short, tiny even but, on the inside I saw nothing but strength. She is the strongest person I know. The best thing is that I, Harry Styles will get to see that smile for a long time. NOTHING has ever made me happier and I'm going to let you know this. That moment, when i was looking into her eyes, Time was frozen.


6. Introductions


*July 14, 2013*

*Lauren’s P.O.V.*

"Lolo! Wake up!" Neeka yelled jumping on my bed.

 I groaned "no" and covered my head with the sheets. God, I hate being woken up. I like to wake up by myself. I guess that wasn’t happening.

"Yes! Get your big booty out of that bed!" She tore the covers off the bed and through them to the other side of the room. Suddenly chills went down my spine.

"Ah! It's freezing in here!" I yelled while shivering.

"Yep. We set the AC at 60°!" She exclaimed. I looked at my three friends staring at me with fake angelic smiles.

"You guys s-s-suck!" I stuttered.

"We had to get you up somehow! Its 12 noon already and we want some famous Chicago pizza for lunch and Paul is getting impatient. He gets hungry too you know." Katie said holding her stomach.

"Okay" I said. I got up to take a nice hot shower. When I got out I put on my favorite Jean short shorts, my 1D T-shirt and my new 1D converse. I put my head in a ponytail and let my bangs fall on to my face. I put on some eyeliner and mascara.

"M'kay guys! I'm ready to go!" I yelled. So we went over to Paul's room and knocked on his door.

"Paul! We are ready to go eat!" I yelled. He opened the door.

"Okay, just waiting room. I'll be there in a sec. I have a key to your room."

"Oh." O_O

We went back to our room. I put my iPod on the speakers in the room and listened to one direction songs.


*Harry's P. O. V.*


Paul shut the door after talking to one of the girls. They didn’t know that the boys and I were going to the pizzeria with them, they thought we were at a sound check. This is going to be ace I thought. I've always loved surprising fans. Their expressions when meeting us is priceless. We walked across the hall and I heard speakers blooming Gotta Be You. When it got to my part, a voice joined. My eyes widened the sound of the voice. Paul was about to open the door but Louis stopped him.

"Let's see if she can get the high note" Louis said. He turned to me and winked. He must've seen my reaction.

"And if you walk away" as she sang this I realized it was the same voice that sang "You Are My Sunshine" I couldn't help but wonder if it was the same girl that her father died.

"It's got to be you” The voice rang out into the hall and chills went down my spine. Louis decided that was enough and he opened the door for himself.  The girls look at us. One of them gawked at me I smiled at her as she blushed and looked away. The girl next to the girl that blushed stood up.

"Well if no one else is going to do it, I guess I will." She smiled with her small lips.  "I'm Katelyn, you can call me Katie, that's Shawneeka, and you can call her Neeka" she pointed the girl that blushed "This is Lauren, you can call her Lolo." Lolo shot a grimace at Katie. "And this is Millenama, you can call her Millenama."

"What?!? She doesn't have a nickname?" Louis yelled hurting my ear.

"Nope" Millenama said. Louis had begun to yell.

"This is acceptable! You must have a nickname." He put his hand on his chin and pondered for a nickname. I didn’t realize nicknames meant that much to Louis but now that I think about it, I am HazzaBear. His face suddenly showed excitement then yelled "I got it!" Millenama's face lightened, I would freak out too if Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was about to give me a nickname. "It will be Milly!" Louis yelled. Her smile slowly faded after he said 'Milly'. Louis's face turned sad.

"You don't like it?" He asked, a puppy Dog face on. It’s hard to be mad at that face. Almost as hard as being made at my cupcake face but not quite Louis. Good try mate.

"No, I do! I do?" Millenama said with the fake, unenthusiastic smile (yes I could tell it was fake, I'm just awesome like that.) Paul broke through our conversing.

"Come on kids, you can get to know each other in the limo." Paul said. The girls got up and walked out the door, Lolo was last I said hello but she kept her head down. Poor girl, she's probably nervous out of damn mind. But really I didn't care, I need to find out which girl was the girl with the velvet voice, in the girl that song the solo perfectly. I wonder if it's the same girl.


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