The Vampires and The Werewolf (1D Fanfiction)

Lizzie Parris, she's a Werewolf. Her and her best friend,Summer Starr go meet One Direction, little did they know they're hiding a secret. the next day,Summer gets kidnapped and it's up to Lizzie to find out where she is, but when she finds Summer she's quite surprised on who Summer's kidnapper(s) are


2. Chapter two-summer gets kidnapped


I dropped Summer off at her house.

"Are you sure you dont want to spend the night?" I questioned.

"Oh no im fine." She added.

"Alright if you say so. Anyway ill talk to you later."

"See ya later." She waved at me.


I walked in went up stairs to get ready for bed. I opened the door before I turned my lights on I see a dark figured standing in the corner of my room. I quicky turned them on I looked around it wasnt there I shook my head thinking I was going crazy. I went over to my bed getting my computer out to go tumblr I turned off the lights. After when I was done I turned on the TV I then went up to go tidy up in the bathrooom before I went to bed. After I was done I heard my TV shut off this time it was dark in my room. I grabbed my Ipod and turned my flashlight app on. I shined it in my room and saw one of the boy standing in my room. It was Niall he smiked at me oh crap I dropped my Ipod and made a run for it. I mandged to make it down stairs when all of sudden I get grabbed.

"Niall I got her!"

"LET ME GO!" I said kicking the air.

Then I felt something cover my mouth it smelled funny I felt myself go dizzy.

"Good take her to the van."

That was the last thing I heard then I was out like a light.


I walked up to my best friends house I knocked on the door and waited. I stood there waiting maybe she couldnt hear me so I tried knocking again. Weird where is shes normal home wonder where she went? I then stepped inside to look around for anything that might help. As I went in I caught a smell it smelled like.....Vampires? What would vampires be doing in her house? What did they want with her? I ran outside looks like its up to me to find out what they want with her I sniffed the air to follow there scent. I then changed into a wolf and followed the scent. After awhile I just did a nice steady fast walk. ugh these people move around a lot can they like stay in one spot!!!! I did a sudden stop I saw them they stopped at a gas station. I then reverted back into human form and walked up to the gas station I looked around I then heard a muffled scream I ran to the sound and saw a body drop to the ground. I stood there with wide eyes.

"Another one really! thats like the second person that saw us." Louis whinned.

Wait what the F*** these are the vampires that kidnapped my friend really! These five sexy boys are vampires!

"Get her Zayn!" Liam said pointing at me.

SH*T I made a run for it.

"DAMN SHES FAST!!" He said shouting to the others.

I glanced over my shoulder then I ran into someone.

"I GOT HER!" Zayn shouted to the others "Ill throw her in the car with the other one." He said smircking at me.

"PUT ME DOWN." I started kicking the air.

"Sorry honey no can do I cant risk having you tell the fans what we are." He laughed a little.

"Why the heck would I tell them!"

""I dont know I still cant risk it. Man do you own a dog or something?"

"No why?" I

"Cause you smell like one." He said pinching his nose.

"Thanks for the complement."

He opened the van and threw me in there i landed right next Summer.

"Come on guys lets go." He said getting in the back with me.

Louis started the van up and drove away from the gas station.

"Why does it smell like dog in here?"

"I dont know just keep driving Lou." Harry said smiling at him

I kept glancing over at Zayn.

"Babe you dont scare me so stop." He smirked at me.

"And if I dont want to then what." I asked.

"Oh I dont know ill think of something though."

I smiled at him he thinks he can make me stop well his wrong on that.

"I know what your thinking." He said looking over at me.

"HOW?" I said looking over at him.

"I can read minds. All of us has at least have one special power."

"Really?" I titled my head.

"For example Louis has the power to spider climb, Harry has the power to control people plus he has the power to manipulate dreams, Liam has the power to heal things with his mind and finally Niall has the power to hear really well." He said while pointing at them.

"How come Harry has more then one power if vampires can have only one specail power."

"Good question his the leader. Leaders on the other hand can have more the one.

"Okay well thats cool." I said shocked,

"Anyway you guys need sleep."

I narrowed my eyes on him I dont know why but something about me intrigues me. I closed my eyes realzing how tired I was I quickly fell asleep. Then a thought accured in my mind thats not a good thing me likeing a vampire! But then again I am an alpha so I can be with anyone I want. But yet again who knows what the others would say me being with a vampire? Gaahh shut up mind I need sleep oh wait I am sleeping! Oh man this gonna be long night.

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