The Vampires and The Werewolf (1D Fanfiction)

Lizzie Parris, she's a Werewolf. Her and her best friend,Summer Starr go meet One Direction, little did they know they're hiding a secret. the next day,Summer gets kidnapped and it's up to Lizzie to find out where she is, but when she finds Summer she's quite surprised on who Summer's kidnapper(s) are


3. Chapter Three-"Home Sweet Home."

We arrive at their house finally it felt like ages getting here. We got out of the van and walked up to the house.

"Welcome home boys!"

"Finally were home!" Liam said walking over to the couch.

"I missed you home!" Louis said hugging the wall.

"Nice house you got here." I walked in taking the smell man i must say its a nice house.

"I agree this place is huge!" My friend said with widen eyes.

"Anyway you two make yourselves at home." Harry said winked at us.

He walked over with the others who were chatting away.

"Hey I just thought of plan bro." I said turning around.

"OHH what is it." She looked at me with with anticipation.

"Okay when those guys fall asleep we both sneak out and make a run for it." I crossed my arms in satisfaction.

"I dont know it seems like it would work out but how do we know if theyll actaully go to sleep." She looked over at them.

"Hmm who knows lets try it out tonight itll be like a trial."

"Okay but heres thing lets not think about cause you know Zayn over there can read minds."

"Good idea."

Later that day.

"Alright girls were going to bed." Harry narrowed his eyes on us.

"Well have fun sleeping then." I narrowed my eyes on him too.

"Goodnight ladies." Zayn said dragging Harry away.

"Night Zayn." I looked up and him and smiled.

"Night Lizz."

We watched them go upstairs and listened for their doors to close. We waited for awhile just to make sure one of them didnt wake up and come down stairs.

"Alrights lets get this plan in action." I hoped up from my spot.

"Okay!" She said getting up from hers.

"Lets take the way over there were the slide door is." I said running over to it.

We slowly opened the door up and snuck out I looked back to see if any of them snuck down stairs to check on us. I slowly shut the door and turned around to face Summer.

"Okay lets go." I said running to the front of the house.

We ran to the corner when I got this odd feeling.


I woke up and felt something odd something seemed out of place I just couldnt place my finger on it. So I went down stairs to check on the girls to see how they were doing I mean they were being oddly quiet. As I go down there I see that there gone then I thought maybe they went to the bathroom so I checked there once again they werent there.


I heard them fly down the stairs.

"Whats wrong Harry?" They all said at once.

"They escaped! Those little..." I stopped myself from swearing.

"Lets go find them I mean we got the scent so it shouldnt be that hard to find them?" Zayn said looking at me.

"Lets hurry up we cant let them go." He said flying out the door.


"Summer we need to split up NOW there coming for us!" I looked over at her.

"How on earth do you know that!" She asked.

"It doesnt matter right now heres what were gonna do your going to go in that direction and im gonna in this direction okay."

"Okay." she responsed,

"TURN NOW!" I shouted.

She went off in the other direction I then turned the way I was gonna go. I then felt like someone was after me now.


I knew that voice any where it was Zayn. I rolled my eyes and tried to run faster this would be a lot easier if I could just turn into a wolf. But I cant risk it! Oh who cares I'm risking it! I couldnt believe I was going through with this. I then changed into one I stopped and turned around to see Zayns face in shock but yet with a hint of knowing I was on one. He snapped out of it and then went after me again I made run for it.

"I shouldve know you were one! I mean it all makes sense now cause the dog smell!"

I didnt want to say anything back I just kept on running.

"Your friend doesnt know! I COULD ALWAYS CHANGE THAT!" He yelled out.

I then made abrupted stop.

"You wouldnt dare tell her!"

"I was going to but now that you stopped I wont." He said grabbing me.

I just glared at him.

"Ugh put me down real quick I need to change back before you take me to see Harry."

"FIne but dont run away or else." He said watching her.

"You know what screw you'

"I would love to." He smirked at me.

"You're funny."

"I'm not joking I really would love too." He said stopping her.

"Zayn vampires and werewolves dont mix well remember they never will."

"We could try making it work you know."

"Zayn I honestly would love to make it work out but I dont see that happeing."

"Come on give me a chance. I promise you this you wont regret it." He smirked at me.

"I'm sorry but no."

"Please!!!" He said giving me his puppy eyed look.

"GRR.FINE! Come take me home to a pissed off Harry."

Back at home. -Harry-

"Why the he** did you guys leave."

"Cause we wanted to get the F*** out of here."

"You wanna watch your mouth smart arse." i glared at her

"I can do what ever I the h*** I want!" she glared at me.

"You know what I'm warning you better watch your self there smart arse. You listen to me I'm the leader here so you listen to me! And just cause your wolf doesnt make you the boss around here I call the shots here not you! So you better start f***ing listening to me or you're gonna get. Niall, Zayn lock them up in the basement." i said glaring at them.

"Gonna get what? You cant do anything to me!" she glared back at me.

"You wanna bet?" He smirked at me.

"Im not scared of you! I like to see you try!" I narrowed my eyes on him.

"STOP! BRING HER TO ME! Its obvious this smart arse cant shut her dam(n) mouth so its up to me to teach her how to keep it quiet." He said pulling me close to him.


"Oh my god is she going to be okay!" I said spazing.

"Dont worry she'll be fine." They said.

"You guys are terrible lairs." I rolled my eyes at them.

"Trust us shes going to be fine." They said again.

"Once again such terrible lairs."

"What you want us to be honest with you okay fine shes screwed there happy now?"


"Then what will it take for you to make you happy?"


"You're funny." they laughed.

"Oh shut up." She said glaring at them.


Maybe Summer was right maybe shes not okay.....Maybe I should check on her to see if shes okay....No bad idea what if there still going probably be a good idea to stay here then so I dont piss the boss off....What should I do!! Just calm down Zayn I'm sure shes fine what if he.....No he couldve of but what if he did? OH god noo that was my job she was suppose to be mine! No dont think like that Zayn! I couldnt help so I ran upstairs to save her! I flung the door open and ran to the living room to see......

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