The Vampires and The Werewolf (1D Fanfiction)

Lizzie Parris, she's a Werewolf. Her and her best friend,Summer Starr go meet One Direction, little did they know they're hiding a secret. the next day,Summer gets kidnapped and it's up to Lizzie to find out where she is, but when she finds Summer she's quite surprised on who Summer's kidnapper(s) are


6. Chapter six-Harry's Apology


I sat there at the edge of the bed thinking about how harsh I was Louis and Zayn.....No I had a right to be mad....But Louis did have a point i was being a jerk....No dont let them make you feel bad for what you have done!

"Gahh I cant take it anymore!" I shouted asi punched the wall.

Everyone looked at me.

"I really need some air someone please let me out real quick!" I yelled through the door.

I heard footsteps comining towards the door.

"Sure only if you promise not to run away." Drew opened the door just a crack.

"I wont I promise I just need some air I need to think."

"Fine." Drew opened the door all the way and pulled me out real fast.

He brought me outside I sat down under a tree. Pull youreself together Harry you know you feel bad for yelling at Louis and Zayn...Zayn is right she didnt do anything to me so why was I so angry at her? I hurt my both of my best mates specially Louis his been there for me longer then anyone else..He understood me the most. I looked back at the hurt face he had..I looked up at the sky with tears running down my face..Maybe Liz was telling the truth maybe she was forced to help. I put my hands in my face I was shaking what have I done! I stood up walking back into the house I saw Liz sitting on the couch.

"LIZ!!! OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY FOR HURTING YOU!" I pulled her into a hug.

I was crying still.

"OH Harry its okay I forgive." She said looking at me while wippin my tears away.

"No its not okay I hurt you I dont desvere you're forgiveness." I looked at her with sad eyes.

"Harry shut up and look at me for one yes you deserve my forgiveness and two I know that you dont think I should forgive but I am." She pulled me into a tighter hug.

I just looked at her and nodded I walked back up to the room that all of us were staying in.

I saw Louis jump up it looked like he wanted to run over to me and give me hug but he just stood there. I looked down at the floor then looked back up getting ready to say his name when i got knocked over by him.

"Apology accepted Harry." He said with a huge grin on his face."

"Are you sure Lou I dont desreve youre forgiveness either.."

"Shhh dont say such rubbish." He said placing his fingers on my lips.

I smircked at him.

"Thanks Lou.' I said smiling at him.

He smiled at me and helped me up.

I got up walked over to Zayn.

He looked up at me and patted the floor..I took a sit next to him and looked over at him.

"Listen Zayn I'm sorry for the way I acted....I was stupid and I let my anger take over me..Youre right she probably did get forced to help and will get back her dont worry."

"I forgive you and dont even say you dont desvere it cause you do."

"Thanks Zayn." I said hugging him.

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