Bad for Bad

Erin is new to Homes Chapel High or HCH for short..

She's that type of girl you just don't fuck around with... She's a player,a Heartbreaker, A trained killer, A manipulator, A liar, Emotionless But most of all a badass bitch..

She dresses like she wants to and doesn't believe in rules, she has connections and her clique everywhere and can know a pretty good damn secret before you can even find out.

But when she meets HCH bad boy Harry style she will do things she never imagined But worst of all she does something she never ever wants to do ever again... Feel.

Will they be a match made in heaven or another one of Erin's little games


1. #1

Erin's P.O.V

The sound of my alarm buzzed threw the room," What the fuck is this " i groaned slapping the snooze button and dozing back of to dream land....

- 15 minutes later -

I was awoken by a huge Slap on my face making my head shoot up from the short pillow it was glued t.. " FOR FUCK'S SAKE WHAT IS THIS!? " i yelled jumping on my attack ant and slamming them on the floor " DONT DISTURB MY SLEEP! " I growled.. " God god calm your tits its the first day of school i just wanted to wake you up GOSH! Period drama much.. " My brother Keith Half said Half yelled.. mumbling the last part " Im just going to ignore that last part of what you said ok little brother? " i said ruffing up his hair and jumping off him. " Now lout of my room so i can get ready " I said pointing at the door.

He mumbled something under his breath and left the room.. Probably complaining about his hair, God he is so vain!

I walked into the shower closing the door on my way in and began stripping down and jumping into the shower getting ready to start the fun games that await me at HCH.

- After the shower -

I wrapped my towel around my torso and walked to my room. I jogged up to the closet and brought out my outfit... A white rolling stone muscle tee and a floral bandeau with some low waisted black shorts that showed my V line just a bit .. I slipped on my black combat boots and my Black beanie that said " Bring the party over here " in white. I jogged over to my vanity and slid my black naturally curled hair out of its bun making it fall to my hips, It made loose curls on its way down. I smiled i curled my lashes and applied 3 layers of mascara making them long and full and some EOS lip balm.. Aint nobody got time for lipstick. I stared at my Sky blue eyes that had splatters of midnight blue and my deep dimples on the apples of my cheeks. 

I grabbed my Phone, a cigarette pack, my car key, my earphones, My wallet and a flask i shoved them into my Stars and striped navy blue JanSport bag pocket. I picked up my army jacket and slid it on.

I jogged downstairs to meet my dad, my mum and Keith all eating pancakes " OOOOO! " i yelled running to the kitchen and grabbing myself a plate of some of these delicious species.. I walked into the dining room, i sat down and began shoving my face into the pancakes " Savage eater " Keith mumbled not to loud but loud enough for me to hear.. i swallowed the huge pieces of food i had in my mouth " Pig " i spat back glaring at him.. Next thing we knew we were exchanging words faster than a fan on high...

" Ok you guys cmon you have school and Remember Erin be nice i don't want you getting suspended or detention on you first day, and Keith you watch out for your sister ok? " My mother yelled at us as we drove away..

- At the school gates -

" If they ask, I don't know you " Keith said as he pushed threw the door " I smirked " Puh- lease Keithy boo of course your friends would love to meet your little sister " i said loud enough for everyone to hear.. I swayed my hips back and forth causing whistles from every corner " See Keithy boo! " i said giggling.. he shakes his head " Fine i guess you can come meet my friends " he sighed and walked up to 5 extremely hot boys who would be quite easy to fool honestly 

" Hey guys this is my little sister Erin " he said introducing me to his friends " Ello! Lovley to meet you! " The 5 boys said in unison " Im Liam thats Zayn Thats Louis Thats Niall and Thats Harry.. " the brown haired boy with light chocolate brown eyes.. " Nice to meet you guys " i said flashing them all smiles.. 

Suddenly a group of 4 slutty ass girls walked up to me their hands on their hips walking around like they own the place i heard Keith's friends groan.. " Hey slut " the tallest said glaring at me, i chuckled " I don't think its nice to call yourself names " i said smirking at her... After a minute or 2 she finally understood what i said, " I wasn't calling me a slut i was calling you one " she snapped back i chuckled " It takes you 2 minutes just to comprehend what i said before? Oh my oh my your not the brightest fish in the pond eh? " i said  glaring at her " Are you calling me stupid?! " she Yelled making a crowd form around us " Im only responsible for what i say not what you little brain understands " I yelled smirking at her as the crowd went " ooh " and " ahhh ".

Her face grew red as a tomato, she threw her fist near my face but i caught it on time " Shit you shouldn't have done that.. " i said grinning evilly " Why what are you going to do about it " her friends scoffed.. I looked over at Keith who was holding a laugh " I see your stupid enough to try and hit me so why not punish you for your actions? " i said twisting her hand and pushing her on the locker, i grabbed her second arm and put it behind her back with the first " Now I'm going  to make this short ok? " i said an evil grin plastered on my face " If " Push. " You" Push " Dare ever in your life " Push " Do that again " Push " I will end  your blood line " Push. I threw her on the floor as her face was covered with blood, i looked at the locker who had blood smeared on it i sighed " Oh now see what you've made me do to this pretty locker! " i yelled fake sad with a huge smirk plastered on my face.

Her friend rushed and grabbed her pulling her away from me and the crowd dissolved. the smirk still glued on my face and turned over to keith " Thie bitch should have listened " he said giving me a high-five. I turned around to the boys who shad their jaws dropped " Look let me just say what your probably thinking That bitch deserved it and i hadn't beaten anyone up yet it was kinda mandatory.. " i said crossing my hands over my chest " And er who is going to clean that up " i said pointing to the locker. 

" No way in hell am i doing it your the one who beat her up! " Louis yelled with sass " Boy are you sassing moi? " I said shocked " MHM what are you going to do about it babe? " a smirk plastered on his face " I raise an eye brow.. Don't test me tomnlison " 

" How did you know my last name? " he asked the smirk wiped from his face " I have connections like i know Harry has 4 nipples " i said glancing over at Harry who was blushing madly " Don't worry babe its sexy " i whispered in his ear and the bell rang, i turned on my heel and jogged to the principals office


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