The Secret Message (An o2l FanFiction)

Excuse me." Said a familiar voice from behind me.
I turn around and see the guy I met earlier.
"Yeah?" I asked him.
"I didn't get your name." He said with a cute grin.
"Oh," I giggled. "I'm Torianna but you can call me Tori. And you?"
"I'm Connor but you can call me Connor."
We both laughed. His laugh was like an angels voice. I hardly knew the guy but I could help but like him.


5. Chapter 4

I wake up to hear my percent talking in the hallway. trying to hear what they are talking about I lean against my door. sadly they were talking about schools. Sadly they were talking about me and my little brother, Ty, going to school when the summer is over. Ugh, I didn't want to go to school. I won't know anyone there and nobody will know me.

My thoughts were interrupted by my phone going off. The ring was short so I knew it was a text. I walk over to my empty desk to grab my phone. I see that the text was from Connor.

From Connor: Hey. today me and my friends r going to lunch and then to the mall. Do u want to tag along?

I wasn't sure what to say back. I don't know his friends, they may not like me. I won't hurt to bad to try.

From Tori: Sure. what time?

From Connor: 1:00. do u need a ride?

From Tori: if u could pick me up that would be great!

From Connor: Sure. what's the address?

I have him my address and looked at the clock. 11:48. Shoot I have to get ready.

I put on my white high wasted shorts and my light blue crop top shirt. to match my shirt I put on my light blue converse.

I went into the bathroom to straighten my hair and I see a mess along to the bathroom floor.

Really, we have be here for less than 2 days and there is a mess. I ran to my brothers room and told him to clean up his things. Because he is 12 and I'm 20 he has to listen to me.

After he cleaned I straightened my hair. I took me about 30 minutes to straighten my long, thick, red hair. When I finished it was 12:40 and I ran downstairs to talk to my mom.

"Hey sweet heart. What do you have planned for today?" She asked as I came downstairs.

"I met this guy at the airport yesterday and he seemed nice. Today he asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with his friends. I hope you don't mind but I said yes." I replied.

"no, I don't mind. Have fun." she said.

" ok thanks." I said walking outside.

My phone started vibrating in my purse after I went outside.

From Connor: Just left. Should be there in less then five minutes.

wow, five minutes. I didn't think we would actually live that close. That could be a good thing though.

As he pulled in the drive way I walked up to the car.

"Hey" Connor said as I hoped into the back seat.

"Hello" I said back.

We started driving away when his friends started introducing them selves.

(hey guys. so it's Monday and I just hope u all have a frantastic Monday. stay beautiful. I love u all. I might update again to day so keep readin')

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