How He Stole My Heart

It's about a girl named deja who's family left her and never return so she wanders off once they take away her house.


4. The Trouble continued



                                                Deja's pov


                  So i really must be lucky they asked me if I can  help them sing at their next concert because niall has the flu which kinda explains why he's not here now but i answered yes I hope harry doesn't find out i like him if he does i would be so embarrassed and it would be awkward to sing with him after that. well anyway they wanted me to sing for them so i sang Love On Top by beyonce. and they loved me so they asked me to sing best song ever so i said maybe later. And so since they wanted to hear music i turned on the radio we danced all night to the best songs ever. the funny thing is that at one one direction came on in they said if you want one 1D tickets call in so i did and they picked up in said i won but i said no and let her talk to 1D her self. That's when Louis's ex girlfriend walked in hanna walker.



                     Harry's pov


                        This is awkward  and after that Taylor  popped her head in the door in all of the sudden there was a chasing montage  and me and louis were running from our exes weird.but just like before deja yelled at them and they left. i am so lucky to have her... here yeah  here. After that ever one just dropped we all were sleep and as soon as I woke up i made some breakfast bacon and eggs everyone's fave

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