How He Stole My Heart

It's about a girl named deja who's family left her and never return so she wanders off once they take away her house.


1. All alone

                                                          Deja's pov


       As soon as the landowner took away my family's house I was packed and ready to leave what I call home. So I headed north or west maybe south but on the other hand all I know is I was lost and alone so I went to the closet bench when it started to rain. As soon as I fell asleep I felt hands on my body at least they were warm. I started to panic but he told me to calm down and that he wouldn't hurt me. I couldn't see his face clearly because my eyes were frozen half shut from the rain and truthfully my tears but my mom always told me if some one every tries to hurt you be brave and don't cry. Which made me cry even more because I really miss my family. Since they left and never came back. but as soon as I could see I realized who picked me up off the bench I didn't scream even though I really wanted to instead I said thank you.

                                                         Harry's  pov


The only reason I picked her up is because I noticed she was a girl and I noticed how beautiful she is. And It sounded like she was a heavy sleeper. And I don't even think she knows who I am because like other girls she didn't scream. Or maybe she does know but isn't like other girls. well either way she's special. "oh mum can you fix her some hot cocoa if you want some" I tried to act cool but obviously I failed. "excuse me what is your name if you don't mind," when she answered my hears twitched at the beautiful sound of her voice and her name glistened the name deja when through my head a million times before I could stop starring directly in to her beautiful sparkling eyes. I ran upstairs trying find room for her to sleep.


                                                          Deja's pov


He kinda freaked me out when he starred at me. Well then he ran upstairs his mum came in the room with hot chocolate. "My name is Anne where are you from you don't have to tell me if you don't to" she explained pretty much how I thought she would. " From rockery ave  I've been walking all night," I explained. she said that that was quite a distance I walked. harry came down the stairs and told me that I cold sleep there I felt appreciated and loved so I went upstairs and he gave me a sweat suit. It was good enough for me so he pointed down the hall to the bathroom and said if I wanted I could take a shower. so I thanked him again and ran down the hall and I tripped over the blanket

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