The Box

I wrote this story for my English class with some off my friend. Just thought I'd share it because I spent alot of time on it.


2. Elsa Read

She swung her head round out to meet the most beautiful fairy shed ever seen! Her glittering, white wings shone in the sun light as they fluttered behind her. Her shiny brown hair, much like Jamie’s, Fell perfectly over her shoulders stopping just below her waist. She was wearing a light blue belly top and a long glowing skirt the same colour of Jamie’s eyes.

“Aren’t you the fairy from my music box?” Jamie asked politely.

“I don’t know … Am I?” The fairy smile.

“ I think so. I’m Jamie White!” The girl asked, wondering what the fascinating create could be called.

“Elsa Read, at your serves!” The Hovering girl held out a hand to Jamie and without a second thought Jamie held her hand and shook.

Elsa and Jamie talked for hours on end wondering amongst the trees of the White forest, the home of the fairies. The fairy told Jamie about how she was born in Whiterun 20 years ago but was born a fairy and so she was banished from the town because Whiterun believe that all fairies are evil, even thought most fairy are that nicest, kindest creates of them all! The only thing that Elsa wants in life is for the people of white run to live in peace with the fairies.

“And so they shall” Jamie blurted out.

“What” Elsa asked in confusion.

“ The people of Whiterun and the fairies shall live in peace! I’ll travel over there, speak with the leader and tell everyone how good the fairies are! But right now I need to go back home. I promise ill be back tomorrow!”

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