Blue Eyes

"The home you were brought up in doesn't define who you are, Evie." He told me, again for the hundredth time.
But what if it does? I thought.
Looking around, Luke's mother hated me, I would never be good enough for her son, and that broke me. I found myself always pushing myself to do things I wouldn't usually do. Luke told me off, told me not to be silly and that I was his idea of perfect and that I didn't need to change. But I felt I needed to, so I'd at least look like I belonged in his world which was far more upper class than mine.
I'd thought about leaving it all, leaving him, but the thought alone burned inside my throat. I couldn't leave, I couldn't be without the safety of his hand wrapped around mine. I needed him, to save me from myself and this world I was living in...


1. Chapter 1



Rain fell heavy against the window panes , the skies covered in thick black cloud. I gazing through the raindrops that were running down the glass reflecting some of the light from inside the room. I felt a little less stressed perched upon my window seat, protected by the large amount of cushions staring into the city below.

My body jerked up as I hard the front door slam shut, blood rushed to my face as I noticed my bedroom door was open and the thuds coming up the wooden staircase were growing louder. I didn't have the energy to deal with Sebastian's problems tonight. It would be the same old story, our father would've shouted at him, banned him from seeing his friends, and as usual he wouldn't listen which resulted in more fighting. I shook my head out of my thoughts as the thuds evened out along the hall, rushing to the door, clamping my hand around the doorknob before shutting it.

My brother knew he wasn't allowed to bother me when my door was shut, unless it was a dyer emergency. It had been a rule my mother had set while we were growing up, the once close siblings that grew apart after their mothers death.

I curled back up on the cushioned ledge gazing back up into the sky, the storm had settle a little allowing the soft constellation of gleaming stars to appear slightly. A sigh escaped my lips as I rested back into the pillows pulling the blanket up over my shoulders, the day had been busy, the pointless hours sitting behind a shop counter when I could be doing something with my life. Nonetheless, it was my mothers business... It felt like some kind of duty for me to continue with her small shop until my dad had it in him to sell it.

I nuzzled into the blanket, keeping my eyes on the night sky. I closed my eyes gently, taking in a breath, losing myself in the depths of my mind, slowly drifting into sleep.



Time to get up, Hemmo.

I let go of a long breath, kicking off the mass of blankets I had wrapped around my body. I stretched out, the smell of bacon engulfing my senses as I wandered down the stairs. Mum was in the kitchen frying the bacon, rolls already halted and buttered on the bread board to her left.

"Morning." I grumbled taking note of the time.

"Grab a plate, then off you pop into the shower. Don't want to be late."

Her voice radiated sunshine, excitement enough for the two of us. I was starting a new university, in a new country, one I'd only been to once or twice for a holiday to visit my brother and his fiancé. I wasn't so comfortable with the weather, I liked wearing my singlets and shorts, and the hot Australian sun. Mum had accepted a teaching job in the university, far better than the one she already had. I was proud of her, I saw how excited she was, it sparkled in her eyes. I kissed her cheek before picking up a roll which she filled with bacon. I took a bite, chucking down some of the freshly made coffee before plodding upstairs into the bathroom.



I shoved my foot into my boot, pulling tightly on the laces before folding down the sides. I stood back up, hands to my sides as I stared at my reflection in the long mirror hanging on my wall. I wrapped my fingers around the hem of the aqua crop top I was wearing, adjusting it a little before turning my gaze towards the window. The sky was clear, I noticed a light breeze blowing through the trees... You'll probably need your coat, Evie. I told myself stretching over and lifting my trench coat from the chair before wrapping it around my shoulders. I ran my fingers through my fringe and down the braided hair flipping it over my left shoulder. With my phone, keys and handbag ready I crept out of my room, gently clicking my bedroom door closed. I could hear Sebastian's snoring from the top of the stairs. I sniggered, shaking my head before heading quietly down the staircase. I popped into the kitchen opening the fridge searching for anything I could nibble on while I walked to the shop. I took out some snacks from the drawers, crisps from the cupboard and a few bottled waters. It'll do... I thought as I unlocked the back door.

The little walk down the road towards the bus stop was always peaceful, the light breeze filling up my lung. It was always a refreshing feeling, the freshness of the storm from the previous night still lingering.

I got on the bus as usual, taking my seat at the back watching as people got on and off at their usual stops. I sent a small smile Mrs Donald's way as she waved before slowly stepping off the bus into the street, only two more stops into town left before it was my turn. I always planned my mornings so I wouldn't have to deal with the commotion of school children, but this morning I wasn't as lucky. Three or four high school girls came to sit on the same row as me, their fake giggles now filling the once peaceful bus. Skirts way to short for school, and faces caked with foundation. I recognised the red haired girl, Sophie. Sebastian always spoke about her, and always made a mean comment about the colour of her hair. She looked lovely, under all the makeup. I smiled turning my head towards the window.

"You got a problem, love?!"

I turned, lips pouted, I didn't have the patience to take their cheap insults this morning. "Yes, actually I do." I said harshly facing them. "Your loud bullshit conversation, that's my problem. No one cares how many people you've slept with. Have a little respect for yourself, and keep it in your little head." I pushed down on the bell as I noticed my stop, pulling myself up against the metal bar.

"Slut." One of the girls whispered as I went passed.

"Think you'll find that your friends are in fact the sluts, Sophie."

As the bus past me along the street I could see the girls seemed a little overwhelmed than when they first got on. I huffed, carrying on down the street before reaching the white French doors of the shop.



I had practically been dragged out of the house and into the car, mums excitement becoming more evident the closer it came to 9am. I groaned as we pulled up into the car park where I assumed all the lecturers parked. Students were scattered around the grounds in their little groups, looking similar to something of school cliques. I picked up my backpack slinging it over my shoulder.

"C'mon lazy bones, this is exciting. A whole new adventure." She grinned.

"I know, I just miss home."

"I know you do, Luke, but this will be fun. You'll see. I know the weather isn't the best, and all your friends are so far away but this will be an experience."

Her excitement filled the air around us, the sparkle in her eyes returning. I smiled quickly before dropping my head thinking about what she's said; I missed home, a lot more than I'd ever let on, and I did miss my friends. I missed the sun, the swimming pool, just the country I had spent my life growing up in. I lifted my head scanning the grounds; the greenery was beautiful, and the old buildings were amazing. But nothing about it felt like home. I sighed pulling my backpack up a little hoping my surrounds would feel like home sooner rather than later.


"I'm taking a walk around for lunch." I smiled into my mums new office.

She was packing the bookshelf, one of many she had in the old fashioned lectures office. Dark wood covered the walls, filled with knowledge, large desk with a wing back chair placed behind it. She looked so at peace, the smile on her face warming my heart.

She nodded, grinning, then focusing back on packing the shelf. I wandered down the hall, it was quiet as all the students were at lunch, on a free period or in a class. I planned on taking advantage of my two hour free period, deciding to go into town to pick up something to eat. The streets were a little less busy at this time of day, the streets less full and easier to manoeuvre through.

I came across a little cafe, the smell of the morning rush still filling it's four walls as I entered. The small seated area was empty, all seats free bar one. My lips curled into a small smile as I spotted the blonde girl sitting to my left, stuck in a book. Her coffee being lifted to her lips every few seconds. I cleared my throat as the lady behind the counter asked for my order, keeping the girl in my view. Her head jerked up slowly turning in my direction, a blush creeping on her pale cheeks as our eyes met. She smiled causing a slight fluter to emit inside my chest, holding my gaze.

"Do you want your eggs sunny side up, love?" The woman asked ripping my attention from the girl.

"Scrambled, please."

She nodded, offering me to take a seat before she disappeared into the kitchen area behind the red door. I took a seat a few away from the girl who had gone back to reading, still sipping on her coffee every few seconds.

"Are you staring at me again?"

My eyes widened as she spoke, clearly aware that I was indeed staring at her. She lifted her head up, pulling her long messy braid over her shoulder before removing her glasses. She blinked slowly, tilting her head slightly to her right as her teeth nibbled on the inside of her bottom lip.

"N-no, I wasn't." I stuttered earning a little giggle from her.

"You were."

"I'm Luke, by the way." I finally said after a short moment.


Meeting a girl in a small coffee shop, reading a book; very Hollywood. But it was happening, and I wasn't complaining, she seemed genuine. There was no sparkle in her pretty blue orbs, they were like a dull ocean. A deep dull ocean waiting to be searched, wanting someone to take the time to search them. Take their time on her.

The sudden buzz coming from inside my back pocket took my attention off her for a second. I pressed my lips into a hard line, eyebrows furrowing as the name illuminated my lock screen; Bianca.

She always had wonderful timing, not that any of my time was worth spending on her at this moment in time.

"Hey, lukey. Hope you're okay and settling in. Kisses."

Just reading the text churned the contents of my stomach, disgusting me further knowing exactly what she was up to when she wasn't texting me. None of her thoughts were about me anymore; what was in secondary school wasn't anymore.

"Are you alright?" I snapped my head back up feeling a little less tense seeing her before me.

Just as I opened my mouth to speak the waitress placed a plate full of food in front of me. I nodded, smiling before looking back up at Evie.

"Join me, if you like."

The blonde collected her satchel, book and glasses placing them all to my left. She picked up her cup giving it to the waitress who filled it up, warm smile on her face.

"Thanks, Nora."

Evie plopped down on the chair leaning back against the wall lifting her feet upon the chair next to her.

"Go on, eat..." She giggled.



I turned another page, my bottom lip between my teeth again as I concentrated on the words. I snuck a cheeky glance up at the boy in front of me; dirty blonde mess sticking out of a beanie hat, red flannel covering what looked like a black singlet. I smiled focusing back on the pages of my book. A Fault in Our Stars; one of my favourites. I'd read it a dozen times, each time picking up something I hadn't the last and each time crying because I'd fallen in love with the characters all over again.

"Are you staring at me?" He spoke mocking my earlier question.

"No, I'm not." I giggled.

"So were."

"What if I was? What are you going to do about it?!" I spoke, watching as his cheeks flushed.

"I'd probably ask you out on a date."

His eyes met mine, his Australian laced words running through my mind. I pulled my lip between my teeth again trying to keep myself from smiling. I twiddled the corner of the page before looking up at him, almost certain that if this was a cartoon I would have heart eyes. I simply nodded, blinking and dropping my eyes back down to the page I was reading.

I couldn't control the grin plastered on my face as I read, waiting for him to finish up with his breakfast/lunch... Brunch?

Nora's presences told me he was finished, large grin on her little heart shaped face and I could tell she was match making in her head. Since my mother had died she'd been like a second mum, always popping round to clean, fill up our fridge, and take care of me and Sebastian when my father would fall into one of his states.

"Thank you." Luke said, smiling up at her giving me the first glance of his dimple.

He brushed over his lip ring with his tongue watching me from the corner of his eye as he nodded to whatever Nora was saying. His sudden confidence was unreal, only returning back to his blushing self the moment she left. He stood pulling his coat over his shoulder, only then did I realise exactly how tall he was. I mirrored his actions before putting my book back inside the safety of my bag, slinging it over my shoulder.

"Best get back to uni..."

"I'll walk with you, c'mon."

I waved back towards Nora, who grinned holding her thumbs up. I giggled shaking my head strolling out the door beside Luke. We walked in silence back to the university, a few students scattered around the streets heading back to their classes after what I assumed was their lunch break. Luke let go of a sigh twitching his nose as he stared glumly towards the university.

"I'll catch you later then." I spoke softly twiddling my thumbs.

"Aren't you going to give me your number?" He said cheekily.

I held out my hand waiting for his phone, a giggle escaping my lips. He placed it in my hand after unlocking it, which I quickly returned after typing in my number.

"I'll text you." He grinned, eyes wide and sparkling.

"I'll be waiting."



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