My 5 Idiotic Brothers

Am 13 and dont know who my real parents are any more. I have been in this adoption home for most of my life... well that is until i get adopted by 5 guys. My life have just turned a corner and am now travelling along a whole new road


5. Over At Jacks

*Alexs POV*


Me and Jack was walking over to his and i couldnt stop smiling. It was one of the only times i have been happy as far as i can remember. I couldnt stop laughing either. Jack was perfect.Is it bad that i have  a crush on him even though i have only known his for about 2 days? I dont think so. What would Liam say if he found out about my crush? He wont go mad will he? Hope not.


We got into Jacks and went up into his room. His mum wasnt home yet so we had the house to our selfs until Harry got home but that could be forever as he was at Nialls. Tom, i have no idea what time he would be home. Jack showed me a picture of Harry standing next to Tom. They look the exact same.

"Are they twins?" 

"Yeh. There matching aint they?"

"Yup. How do you know whos who?"

"You see Harry has green eyes yet Tom has blue." I looked closer and saw he was right. Thats really weird though. They all have different colour eyes.


I looked up at Jack and saw that he was already looking at me. His eyes was the best brown i had ever seen. They looked like chocolate. His har was brown and styled up in a small quiff as his hair was shorter that Harry and Toms. When Jack smiled you got really white teeth with blue across them. He had his braces changed yesterday and asked me to pick a colour which was blue like he has on. His smile seemed to be contagious though because when he smiled you would.


*Jacks POV*


She was looking at that picture of Harry and Tom for ages. I couldnt stop my self from staring at her. Her eyes was so blue. Even bluer that Nialls. Her face was really pale and her cheeks was all red like she was blushing for some reason. Her smile was really cute. In fact all of her and everything about her was cute if not cuter.


I stood up and put a film of. It was 'Dud, Wheres My Car?' I love that film so much. Best comedy ever. When it came on i pressed play. I went back onto the bed and put my arm around Alex. She looked at me, smiled then went back to watch the film



*Harrys POV* 


It was about 10 and i went home to get Alex so i could walk her back to Nialls. She got told to stay at mine until i got home so she didnt have to walk back her self. Tom had to stay out tonight at his mates, Elliot's. 


I walked n and up into Jacks room to find two sleepy heads asleep on the bed. Both cuddling up to eachother. I took a photo and sent it to Liam, Niall and Louis.


' Looks like theres two love birds sleeping with each other tonight'


I laughed to my self and walked into my room until my phone went off.


To: Harry

From: Irish Lepricorn

'Aww they look so cute together. Guess she wont be home tonight x'


To: Irish Lepricorn

From: Harry

'Na mate shes fine here x'


I can walk her to school she'll be safe with me.



From: Liam

' Dude make sure nothing happens to her and if something does then i will kill you! xx'


Liam, Liam, Liam.... He so protective



From: Harry

'I promise  nothing will happen. Am off to sleep xx'


To: Boo Bear

From: Harry

' Am off to sleep babe, Love you <3 xxxxxxxxxxxx '


I put my phone on charge, got into bed and set my alarm.


To: Harry

From: Boo Bear

'Okay baby, love you too <3333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'



I set my phone on the bedside table and went to sleep. Them two are going to have a lot of teasing tomorrow.



A/N- Right thats it for tonight. I have to get up early tomorrow and am off to bed. Can we get to 100 reads by tomorrow? Longer chapter than usual and thats because i love you all soo much <3


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