The Walking Dean

Cross-over fan fiction of Supernatural and The Walking Dead.
When Sam and Dean investigate some deaths a few more tragic things happen.
Will Dean ever see Sam again? Will Dean learn to love again?


1. The start of a whole new life

"Sammy! Sammy!" Dean yelled. 

What dean doesn't know is that life as he knew it is gone..

*two days before*

"Load up Sammy." 

Dean and Sam are in a hotel loading their bags. They're going hunting. 

"Dean we don't even know what we're hunting, let alone if it's are thing." Sam said. 

"Three men, two women, and a child, eaten alive. That doesn't sound like our thing?" Dean asked. 

"What if it was just a bear attack or something?" Sam asked. 

"Reports say the wounds look like bite marks, human bite marks. We're checking it out." Dean insisted. 

The boys get in the impala, and drive to Atlanta metropolitan area. 

"Where is everybody?" Sam asked looking around the town. 

"I don't know Sammy, but I've got a bad feeling... AHH" Dean screamed and swerved the car around a man standing in the road. 

The two get out of the car and walk towards the man. 

"Hey!" Dean yells to him. 

He turns around slowly showing his hideous rotting face. 

"Well dean I guess you can finally shoot some zombies" Sam said handing Dean a gun. 

*gun shot* 

In the woods, more zombies, they heard the shot, they're coming. 

Dean and Sam get back in the impala and search for any living people. Carry on my wayward son starts playing.

"Dean I think we're in some trouble." Sam says looking in the mirror at the group of zombies trailing behind them. 

Dean stops the car, gets out, pops the trunk, gets out a machete, slashes all the zombies. 

"How'd you do that?" Sam asked confused. 

"I..I have no idea." Dean said throwing the machete into the trunk. 

The boys get back in the impala, turn on the music, and drive away. 

"Stop! Stop! Help!" A man yelling running towards the impala. 

Dean stops the car and the boys get out. 

The three just stand there for a minute. 

"Do you have medicine?" The man asked. 

"Uh, we've got alcohol,needles, and string. We know how to sew up wounds, get bullets out." Dean told the man. 

"Will you come back with me?" He asked. 

"Uh sure. Get in we'll drive you back." Dean said getting back in the impala. 

"I have a few questions, how many zombies have you killed, how many people have you killed and why?" The man asked. 

"Zombies? 15-20. Uh humans" dean looks at Sammy "a few, they were.. Sick, almost like possessed." 

The three get in the impala and drive to a camp. 

"My names Rick by the way" he said. 

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