Being Me (Cameron Boyce Story)

Emily was always a girl with big dreams. She loves singing, acting, and playing guitar. Shes a huge fan of ariana grande and peyton list. She has a crush on cameron boyce but he hasnt noticed her before. Will her dreams come true? Will she meet her idols? Will he notice her?


6. Chapter 6

~~Chapter 6 July 1

"WAIT this is Peyton list!?" "Yes you sound so happy!" " I mean you are 'the' Peyton List from Jessie." We kept talking for like 15 minutes then we agreed to meet at the mall which is a few blocks away from my hotel. I decided to take a shower then I picked out a beautiful dark blue dress with nice blue and white flats. I curled my hair at the tips and tied it up Ariana Grande style. Then I applied minor makeup only some mascara. I was about to walk out the door when I saw my little ukulele sized guitar so I brought it with me since it was little. I walked to the mall and when I got there I looked around for Peyton and suddenly she popped up from behind me. I jumped "OMG don't do that I almost had a heart attack!" I felt like I've known her for many years. "I'm sorry! You should've seen your face!" "Yeah yeah yeah so which store do you want to go to first?" I asked giggling. "How about Hollister?"  Peyton asked me. "Sure I love that store!" We walked in and it was empty so I grabbed some clothes that I liked, I tried them on, and then bought the ones that looked nice. While Peyton on the other hand bought the whole store! Wow she is such a huge shopper! As soon as we walked out of Hollister some random girl came up to me and asked me for my autograph. I was confused and said "you must be mistaking me for someone else!" "Aren't you Emily? The Emily who sang roar on YouTube and got a lot of views?" I said nervously "yes" she handed me the paper and I just wrote my autograph.

~~~Peyton List's POV~

Emily signed the autograph and my phone started to ring. I checked who was texting me and sure enough it was Cameron.

 Cameron (:/ hey PeyPey you wanna hangout today?
 Peyton ;)/ I would love to but I'm with Emily
 Cameron (:/ Emily? Who is this Emily you speak of? And is she pretty?
 Peyton ;)/ why do you care?
 Cameron (:/ just wonderin. And you guys can come to my sleepover today with Karan.
 Peyton ;)/ sure ill ask Emily and if she can we'll be there at 6:00
 Cameron (:/ k see you later

~Emily's POV~

"Hey who you texting?"

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