Being Me (Cameron Boyce Story)

Emily was always a girl with big dreams. She loves singing, acting, and playing guitar. Shes a huge fan of ariana grande and peyton list. She has a crush on cameron boyce but he hasnt noticed her before. Will her dreams come true? Will she meet her idols? Will he notice her?


1. Chapter 1

~~Chapter 1

I was always that girl with big dreams to become a singer or actress. Eventually I started to notice that I have no chance because there's lots of talented people around the world. Everyone thought I was talented but somewhere deep instead I begged to defer. I could never sound good on tape. If I cant sound good on tape how could I be a singer? Singing was important to me but acting also was. In school I would audition for the lead part but there was always someone that was better. This year I auditioned for the school play when I was a little sick but the teachers didn't care. I didn't sound that good. Later I found out that my best friend got the part. I couldn't speak I was so furious that she would have a better chance at my dream then myself. What was I thinking of even being in the play if I would get a small part? Anyway I got my part had all my rehearsals, then did the play. Everyone was amazed but I thought last years play was better because I had 3 parts. I know your probably thinking how could I have changed into all of those costumes and remember my lines. Well, remembering my lines was super easy because I have great memory so I always had an advantage in that. Changing costumes wasn't hard at all either. I just had some jeggings and a cop/ reporter shirt on under my dress and that's all it was really. I finished my play this year now I have to wait till next years and get the lead since next year I'm in 8th grade, I want everyone to remember me.

A week later~

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