Wacky Tacky Day AKA Best Day of My Life (COMPLETED)

Jada and Ashlyn think it's just an ordinary day at school, until they go to the carline to see one direction standing before them.


1. Did you say, "one direction" ?!

"Come on Ashlyn, were gonna be late!" I said trying to get ashlyn to hurry up at her locker.

"I'm coming, who's picking us up today?" She asked.

"My Mom." I answered.

She nodded and we saw about 10 girls run out the door screaming.

I thought I heard the word "one direction" but I ignored it.

"why were they screaming and running like that Jada?" Ashlyn asked me.

"I don't know But I swear I heard one of them say one direction!" I said.

"ME TOO!" She said gasping.

"Oh my gosh come on!" I said grabbing her arm and running down the stairs towards the car like.

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