Poem From 'Relatable Things.... Chapter: Love Cant Be Put Into Words)

This is from my book: Relatable Things. I got bord in bed and decided to write something. It was pretty hard to do. Putting love into words is harder than ANYONE thinks. I hope you like it :)


1. Love Cant Be Put Into Words Poem

I love you so much

That much that words cant explain

Cant explain how I feel about you

Yu mean the world to me

And am glad its you

If it wasn't

Everything could go wrong


You complete me

You made my heart skip

It skipped a beat

Its never happened before


You make me weak in the knees

Even when we have been cuddling for ages

It still happens


You managed to keep my heart in one piece

If you wasn't there

Then who knows where I would be


Everytime our lips touch

You manage to calm me down

No matter how stressed I am

Even when am upset

They make me happy again


You know when there is something wrong with me

Even when I deny it

You can tell there is


When you look in my eyes

They make me smile

Feel all happy

And warm inside


When your with me

I feel like something is protecting  me

And that something is you


When your arm is around me

It makes me feel like nothing can ever get me

No matter how hard it tries

I know they wouldn't take me away


You are also fun to be with

Most people just cuddle and stuff

But you

You don't

Instead you can mess around

Even if your fooling

You can make every second fun


Your protective

No matter what he situation

Even if it means not being with me

Your still protective


You know how to cheer me up

No matter how down I am

You know how to put me in a good mood again


You stick up for me

If someone has been bulling me

You tell them to go away

And to leave me alone


You text people

People I hate that talk to me

You have ago at them

So then they leave me alone


You look after me

You tell me off for not eating properly

If I havnt eaten all day, you tell me to have somehtin

And if I didn't you make sure I would

Or persuade me to


I have tried to put it all into words

But I simply cant

No matter how hard I try to

There is no possible way I could


All I have to say is

I Love You





So..... Here it is. Dont forget to go check out the movellas it came from 'Relatable Things'

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