The story of a girl called Emma.

She is 18 years old and she is now the most popular girl in her school.All the boys fall for her,all the girls envy her.There was one guy who changed her life.....But he ignored her completely.He was just always ignored,she had all the peoples attention,She had the ignorance of a badboy,Will she steal His heart? Or will she receive his hate?

"Just a friend"


2. "He's my Enemy's Boyfriend?"


I woke up.I barely stood up to go to the bathroom and opened the shower.
Within seconds the water took the perfect temperature. I Droped my clothes on the floor and I entered to gather between water and soap any trace of sweat.


 I left after a few minutes, and wrapped my body on a white towel.
I took fairly sexy clothes.......
I had to go better than ever for school! Matt and I are no longer together, so there could be no sign of weakness. On the contrary,I had to prove that everything was still more than perfect.

 I Let my hair down, allowing light curls , dint put myself too much makeup,put on some liner, mascara for my eyelashes and just a little lip gloss on my thick and well defined lips.

 I Took my purse, Which had some books inside it, Since most were in my locker.

Went downstairs. My mother was in the room. The coffee table was always full of papers, her laptop and three cell phones. Undoubtedly a busy woman.

Im leaving ... - I warn her before I leave

-Hope everything goes well!,she answered
 Two months ago was I not driving. Matt always Picked me up and tooked me to school, coming together and when I needed something Matt always gave it to me.

 I Got to school and parked my car. I liked to get somewhat tardy. It manages to capture the attention of everyone. Obviously, it was not difficult to achieve.
I got off my car and all eyes were on me. The women stare were just about jealousy, unlike men, it only indicated desire.

 Only this time they all murmured things between them. Maybe it was 'Matt' not being beside me, Holding me by the waist and carrying my bag.

 I ignored them and kept walking slowly shaking my hips gently in a unique rhythm. - Shit!

- I thought annoyingly - Where the hell is Louis? - I could not see him. And I really needed him.

 I got to my locker. Took out my phone and started pressing buttons, typing a message to Louis.

- Why so fast - a mocking voice almost makes the phone slipped from my hands.

- Where were you? - I answered constipated

- In my house - he says strangely

- Do not leave me alone ... - I said seriously

See ...Emma you need some friends -mockingly-

-You know that Emma and friends ... do not go together in the same sentence, unless it has 'no need' in the middle-started walking towards the Class.-

Classes went by fast, because of my anxiety to have lunch and make Matt regret leaving me.


 -Finally the loud bell rang in Algebra class.I Waited for Louis-

*                                                                                                                                                    *
 Now with him being on my side, we walked into the cafeteria.I Arrangened my hair before entering and heard a laugh from Louis
-See what I'm saying ... he is so right!-I glared at him and pushed the doors of the cafeteria to enter.-

-Bye Cutie:)

-Bye handsome........

I heard some mild whistles and kissy noises while walking through the tables. They already knew,Matt and I broke up.I knew because when I was in a relationship with him nobody dared to open their mouth.

 I loved this attention. Everyone from athletes to the 'misfits' turned around to see me. Except someone ...

 - Where the hell is Matt!? - I whispered to Louis
-Enjoying his freedom.
-You know, I thought you were my friend -I said seriously-
-Oh come on, you know im just kidding!-he replied laughing-

 -We talked nonsense, like we usally do ,But still I could not help but think  ....where the hell was Matt!?-

- Hey - four voices were heard in unison. They were all friends of Louis-
You abandoned us Louis!-one claimed  while everyone sat at the table
I'm sorry, my friend needs support,-he answered and I glared
-Hey ... that's right, 'said a brown-hairedboy- you and Matt broke up ... - everyone at the table looked at me attentive - How about if you and I date?-he winked-
-Harry ... Forget it - Louis interrupted him and I thanked him with a smile.
 I didn't  mind the presence of everyone at the table, in fact it was fun. What bothered me was the absence of my ex boyfriend.

 We were all interested about the conversation but when one of Loui's friends mumbled an 'Oh no' as he looked towards the door of the cafeteria.

we all turn to see him, then follow the direction of his gaze and we find ourselves  with a scene not at all pleasant .I felt Louis quickly turned around so he could see me , but I could not take my eyes of that ' scene '.
 'I think we'd better ...  go - I did not even know who said that but within seconds there was only Louis and me at the table.Nobody else.....-
Emma? - Said Louis
- Kate Deleasa - I was in shock - Kate Deleasa will provide more than superficial and sex ?

 Kate Deleasa ,my 'rival' since forever. Everything in her life is a constant replica of what I do . Her biggest goal is to have all my goals . And apparently it's on track . Since she already got my hatred and my ex boyfriend.

 Kate walked with Matt 's arm around her shoulders, smiled like this hypocrite,her eyes saying ' Look at me, take it away'. As Matt walked removed from it. They Greeted the other team members who were sitting at a table in the far end of the cafeteria.

- Emma -I Heard the firm voice of Louis but I could not react ! I couldn't  take my eyes off them.
 Kate 's eyes met mine , I held my gaze . There is nothing worse than cutting away, proves nothing but weakness .

 Seeing that my eyes did not relent,she raised one of her thin eyebrow , turned around and took Matt 's face to lure him into her lips.
He hated when I did that ... - she kissed him ,and all his friends watched. Matt hated  that ... but apparently he didn't stop her from kissing him.

-Emma Smith ,look at me right now! - Louis indicated and I quickly turned around to see him- when you need most pride,it just decides to grow feet and walk away! - he scolded me-Stop looking at them!-

-No Lou......I cant believe he did this to me! Just move on to that....that...Slut!-

I got to my locker to get my books for the next subject , History .

-With no doubt Kate is the stupidest person I know,-the loud bell rang, and brought me back to reality,i closed real hard my locker,and walked to the classroom.-

I Entered and everyone looked at me strangely ,im often late for classes. Only now I had no one to ' distract '.
I sat in my usual spot in the front row seat as the penultimate, Louis sits at last, behind me.

I looked down,with the expression of insecurity.

- But,didnt you not care about people staring at you? - Louis 's voice brought me back from my ' world '
 I do not mind ... - I lied, I did mind. But Loui would notice
- If so, why that face?
- I think about how I'm going to take revenge on them - smiled
- Revenge? - he laughed - The good news is you do not care eh ...
 Shut up Tomlinson -I turned around so I could see his face.
- What are you going to do? - he smiled funny - You 're going out with someone else to make Olsen jealous?  -he  mocked-
- You know ...its not a bad idea - I turned so he could see my smile-
-It's stupid,Emma-Loui added

-Of course not - I said thoughtfully- I have to find someone that make him jealous so he will realize that he still wants me,tha idiot gilrfiend of his will be angry, Matt and I will be a couple again and everything will be perfect- I raised one of my thin eyebrows proudly before my plan.
- How did i end up being your best friend ?
I do not know ... - I hold his hand- But now you'll be my boyfriend -I stated-
Emma ... -He Puts his other hand on mine - Everyone knows that we are like brothers and we would never date eachother - that was true. No one would believe us as a couple.-

- Then who? - my plan was foiled . It could not be any guy . It had to be someone who will bother Matt ,  and who he could not resist seeing with me. But the problem was ,who? ..


+*Hows it going Bros!*+

This is the 2nd chapter,and ive been thinking about some stuff,ive come to the conclusion to dedicate a chapter when the movella starts to get juicy!!,ill post another chapter tomorrow,and the day after that,so I think ill post every day,im having a lot of creative ideas so be ready!

Love you guys,





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