Mal's True Love (a Total Drama fanfic)

Coming soon: Will famous villain, Mal, meet his match in geek chic, Melody, or her evil twin, Haromny?


1. Intro

 First off, this is my very first fanfic, so lay off the hate please! Second, this takes place during the 7th season, where people voted who to bring back. Their votes were cast towards Owen, Mike (of course), Izzy, Anna Maria (forgive me if I get names wrong), Alejandro, Cameron, and Sierra. Short cast right? Well, not many people voted... so they added new contestants too, to make things... interesting. You'll meet them soon enough. For now I give you Mal's True Love...


There's no telling exactly how it happened, but it did. Maybe he never left. Maybe he is the original. Well, whatever the reason may be, Mal is here. And this time he's stronger. Wiser. Badder.

But all across the globe, people were submitting auditions for Total Drama, including Mike's next-door neighbor, Lily. It's surprising that she was accepted, considering she was 10. Unfourtunatley, she has no idea what she was in for. But we'll get to that later. For now, the new contestants are flying in as I speak! Me? My name's Kathy. I arrived early, mainly because... well, that doesn't matter. Oh, look! The vetaran players! Can't wait to meet him. Them! I mean them. I wonder who they brought back.

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