Save him, Save The World.

Lola is girl with kind heart she's always trying to find the good in people. Lola try's to find the good in Loki when he arrives out of no where. Will Loki end up falling for a mortal and end up changing into softy or will he try and change her?


12. chapter Twelve.-Going Agaisnt Him.


I was going back down to earth to tell Amber something I was going to tell her that I was gonna rebel against Loki because he has now gone mad with power.

"Amber!" I opened the door to her hotel room.

"Huh?" She got up.

"I gotta say this fast because I know I saw Loki following me here...but I'm going agaisnt him...we need to get Thor and he needs to get Loki away from the much as I love him he needs to step down." I look around for bit to make sure Loki wasn't around.

"Say what!!" She looked at me with a shocked looked.

"You heard me!" I softly whispered.

"I'm just shocked." She looked around like she was making sure he wasn't there.

Her eyes were like soup bowls she wasn't joking.

"I know.....just look around his killing people from left to right if they're out after dark....when they don't listen to his what he tells people to do he locks them away." I felt like he was going to pop at any minute.

We just looked at each other and went silent once we heard footsteps outside her door...I closed my eyes hoping he didn't hear anything we were talking about.

"Lola are you in there my love."

I heard his soft voice that followed along with a knock on the door.

"Yes.." I walk over to the door opening it to see him.

"Oh you didn't tell me you were coming to see you're friend." He walked in making the atmosphere well it's hard to explain.

"Sorry..." I looked down at the ground.

He just looks at me like he knew something was up. I went over to him and stood there in front of him.

"Darling you don't look so good what's going on." He stares intensely into my eyes.

"Nothing..." I lay my head on his chest with a tear running down my check.

I was thinking about what would happen if he finds out that I'm going to get his brother to get him well hate to say it locked up.

"You're lying to me...Amber it was nice meeting you again now if you excuse us will be going home." He gripped my arm.

She stared wide eyed at me.

As soon as we entered Asgard he dragged me to inside the palace to our room.

"What's wrong?"

I stood there just staring at him with watery eyes.

"TELL ME!" He shouted at me.

That's when I broke down crying I was on my knees with my hands in my face.

"I....I....Can't tell you." I whimpered.

"Why is that!" He snapped.

"I..just can't." I cried out.

He glared over at me as I sat there on my knees crying.

"I will find out what you're hiding and when I do you'll be punished." He picked me up and pinned me to the wall as my wrists hurting cause of his tight grip on them.

"Oh yeah you really believe you're going to find out what I'm hiding from you." I looked at him with tears rolling down my eyes.

"Oh I know I will." He smirked pressing himself agaisnt me.

As much I wished that I wasn't pregnant at the moment I'm kind of glad I am. But I couldn't help but close my eyes and let out a soft moan escape my mouth. I just watched as smirked at me.

"You're off the hook for right now." He stared at me as he hand trailed down to my stomach.

I closed my eyes when I felt him walk away from me I felt one more tear escape my right eye.

"Now since you're hiding something from me and won't tell me what should I do to you?" He stood there pondering on what to do.

He turns around and walks over to me grabs me and leads me to the room where he kept his prisoners. As we entered I saw Thor in there he was standing there watching us walk by.

"You'll be in here my dear until you tell me what you're hiding you're staying in here."

I got pushed into this room that was white it had bed in corner and that was it.

"Why you little." I gritted my teeth.

He smiled and laughed.

"Don't worry my love if you say what you're hiding now I'll let you out."

"I'll never tell you!" I snapped.

"Hmmm...fine then have a nice stay then." He kissed his hand and blow it to me.

I cross my arms and glared at him I then just went over to the small bed and sat on it. I watched as he hesitated on walking away.

"Well are you going to leave?" I ask.

Looked like he was about to say something then he just shook it off and left.

Weeks later

"Are you ready to tell me?"

I looked up at him from where I was sitting on the floor. I haven't seen him in weeks and I was going crazy without him.

"Never!" I snapped.

"Look at you you're letting you're self go my love please tell me and I'll let you go and will go wash you up and I'll take care of you." He stepped in.

As soon as he did that I literary attached myself to him.

"See you're going mad without me." He smirked at me.

"I'm still not going to tell you!" I started crying.

"Fine don't tell me but have fun spending you're life in here!" He pushed me away.

"So you would let me and you're own child rot in here then! You would do that you would just leave me in here for months on end! You're a lair to think you ever loved me!" I was about to smack him when he caught my wrist.

He pushed me up agaisnt the wall.

"How dare you say that I don't love you!!" He pressed his lips onto mine kissing me.

I wanted more but I knew if I did that I'd just fall into a trap so I pushed him away.

"You're a liar!" I snapped.

"I am not a lair!!! I love you Lola I love with all my heart I gave you the world! I gave you the world because that's how much I loved you!" He came back up to me this pinning my wrist.

"If you loved me I wouldn't be in the cell!" I said softly.

I think I got him at that he looked down like he was about to cry. Then he looks up at me.

"You're right...but it seems like you don't love me because lovers don't keep secrets."

I was about to saying something but I couldn't. That backed fired I did not expect that at all.

"Fine you really want to know. I was going to get Thor to kick you out of throne and make everything back to normal then have him lock you away." I started bawling my eyes out.

I looked at him he stood there stunned.

"You were going to go agaisnt me...I knew it!"

"WHAT!" I shouted.

"I was there the whole time you were talking to Amber!" He went up to me pressed himself agaisnt me.

"Want to know what you're punishment is going to be." He whispered in my ear.

I felt myself go numb as he pressed agaisnt me some more.

"Loki...please...noo." I started softly crying.

"Noo isn't an option my love." He growled then kissed me.

"But..." Thats all I could get out.

"Shhhh....everything will be okay besides it's not much of a punishment anyways so you're lucky."

I felt his breath on my neck I shivered when he pressed his lips on my neck I felt him smirk.

"Now let's see here." He traces his on the rim of my pants.

He looks up at me and then slides his hand down there a smile came upon his face.

"Well now isn't this a surprise...oh I do love this a lot." He grins at me keeping his hand there.

"Loki..just do it already please." I moaned.

"How bad do you want me to do it." He laughed.

"Badly!" I whinnied.

"Then say my name." He demanded.

"Loki." I softly whispered.

"Louder!" He demanded as he stuck his finger in me.

"Gahh...Loki!" I said a little louder as I hissed.

"Not good enough.." He said picking the pace up.

"LOKI!! OH GOD LOKI!" I shouted.

"That's right keep saying my name!" He demanded again.

"LOKI!" I growled.

He smirked he stopped doing what he was doing and left me there wanting more.

"Loki." I moaned as I slid to the floor grabbing his leg and knocking him down.

I went on him pinning his arms down he liked it I could tell.

"You're not getting away that easily." I said glaring at him.

"Oh I could if I wanted to but I'm enjoying this." He chuckled as his amour just vanished.

He then flipped me to where I was on the floor and he was on top of me.

"Hmm.." He smiled down at me.

"Do it!" I hissed at him.

"I'd be glad too." He started thrusting into me.

"!" I said in between sharp breaths of air as he kept thrusting in me.

"Sure you do my love sure you do." He said going harder not giving me any mercy at all.

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