Save him, Save The World.

Lola is girl with kind heart she's always trying to find the good in people. Lola try's to find the good in Loki when he arrives out of no where. Will Loki end up falling for a mortal and end up changing into softy or will he try and change her?


4. Chapter Four-Ambers escape

Few weeks later


"Come on I've tried about everything just to make you happy!"

I stood there and stared at Loki he literary has tried about everything. Even being his so called queen isn't making me happy. I just wanted to be home.

"This isn't what I wanted though Loki I didn't ask for you to come and kidnap me!" I paced back and fourth trying to calm down.

"Here sit down." He placed me in chair.

"I'm home sick Loki I've left my family there my friend even who is now with some random guy who you made take her!And to add it all up I'm getting married to you." I sighed.

He looked at me with those eyes of his he was showing some guilt I could tell.

"I thought you loved me.." He said softly.

I looked at him I may have said that to him but I don't know I was panicking when he brought me here but he was there to calm me down he was so gentle I couldn't help myself...

"Loki I was scared you were there to help me I couldn't help myself I didn't know what I was feeling towards you." I looked into his eyes. "But after these past few week I have been feeling that towards you...." I said softy.

"I...I..didn't mean to take you away I was just so angry at you when you kicked me out.." He got up and walked over to the table.

"I know you were." I got up and went over to him.

I turned him around to face me I wrapped my arms around him. He didn't say anything all he did was place his arms around me. We stayed like that for a few minutes.


We stood there together wrapped with each other's love at least that's what it felt like. What was she doing to me my heart wasn't so cold around her. But when I'm away from her it turns to ice. Why am I falling for a mortal like her? Look what she's doing to you she's turning you into a softy!

I then snapped myself out of it and pushed her away from me.

"The wedding is still on once you're married to me ill be the permeant king of Asgard!" I said happily.

She stood there in shock. I just walked it off like it was nothing the whole reason why I'm marrying is to be permeant king of Asgard I don't really love her.....or do I?


I was planning my escape tonight it was full proof plan it took many trials and errors but this time I know it'll work!

"Just except the fact that you can't escape. You're sticking with me and the wedding is in three days."

Ignored him it was going to work this time for sure I can feel it in my gut. I just smiled.

"Yeah umm there ain't no way I'm excepting it cause I know I'll be able to get away from here." I smiled high.

"You keep saying that cause once I get you again tonight that'll be you're last attempt." He said holding up a pad lock.

I gulped a little.

"Yeah well the one plan I have is full proof!" I got up and walked away.

"Yeah right sure it is." He laughed.

"Oh it is." I smirked over at him.

"Whatever you say darling." He smirked back at me.

Later that night.

I opened my door looked around I saw him fast asleep at the couch. I rolled my eyes from what I could tell he was drinking there were four beer bottles on the floor and one wine bottle. I stepped past all those went over to the door. I disabled the sensor thing he had on it and walked out.

"Ha I knew it would work!" I said softly I ran over to his car.

I stared it then I see him standing at the door with his mouth gaped open in shock. I laughed to myself as drove out of his drive way and speed back to my house to grab a few things cause I know that'll be his first place to look. I parked in the drive way.

"Where have you been! And where's you'res friend?"

I heard Thor ask.

"Let's see here I got kidnapped and my friend got kidnapped by you're brother who went back to you're weird home place."

"Asgard..oh know that's not good." He said looking at me.

"What's not good." I stopped at the door.

"He kidnapped you're friend to marry her so he can become permeant king of Asgard."

"Say what..." I couldn't believe what I just heard.

I opened the door to the house grab some clothes and dragged Thor with me to the car got in and drove off. I don't know where going but it doesn't matter. All I know is I want to find a way to get my friend back.

"I know you want you're friend back but he probably destroyed the bifrost..." He looked over at me.

"Hmm great just great!"

"Hmm there's only one way to find out if he did or not." He said looking up at the sky.


I looked over at that thing that Loki talked about destroying once we got married it was were you could go any where you wanted. I stared at it I could've swore it stared moving I thought no one was aloud to use it...I then hear the door fly open I turn around to see Thor and my friend.

"What are you guys doing here." I said worriedly.

"Getting you out of here." Amber said hugging me.

"I don't think so."

We both jumped as Loki came from out of no where.

"Loki this has stop!" His brother said.

"Never I deserve to be king!" He attacked his own brother.

The fighting went on tell Loki called the guards to come take his brother away.

"Now what to with you're friend oh I know I'll send back to earth." He said grabbing her.

"WAIT!" I said.

He stopped and turned around.

"It would be nice to at least have her at my wedding. I mean she is my friend after all." I was hoping that would work.

"Hmm fine she can stay but she'll be locked up with my brother tell the wedding day." He said giving her to the guards.

"Fine." I crossed my arms.

"Oh don't this to me." He said coming up to me.

I just stood there with my arms crossed he hates it whenever I do that.

He just stares into my eyes then i feel his lips on mine.

"Now please stop being mad at me." He placed his hands on my face and smiled at me.

"Hmm fine." I said kissing him back.

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