Love Truth, Love Lies


7. Too Much

I had got changed ready to go to the club to meet Katie and Matt. I had changed quite a bit in them four weeks, I was much more sexually active but Emily wouldn’t always want to like today. “Babe?”

Emily looked at me “Yes?”

“Come here?”

Emily walked over to me and I pulled her on my lap wanting to have sex before we go but she pushed herself off me “No Harry, not today, we’re going out”

I sighed “Okay, but wear something slutty”

Emily looked at me in an annoyed way “No, I am not dressing slutty!” Emily got dressed into some clothes “Come on or we will be late”

I took her hand and walked to the club letting go of Emily’s hand as soon as I saw Katie and Matt so I could hug them both “I’m so glad to see you, it’s been too long… This is Emily… My girlfriend”

Katie looked at her “Hello Emily”

Matt offered to shake her hand and she did “Nice to meet you Emily”

“Nice to me you too Matt and you Katie”

Katie walked up to me and whispered in my ear, I looked over to Emily “Emily, stay with Matt while I talk to Katie will you? She has to talk to me, its important”

Emily nodded “Okay babe” She walked with Matt over to the bar.

Katie took my hand dragging me into the woman’s toilets, pushing me harshly against the wall, wrapping her legs round me. Forcing her kisses to my lips, I couldn’t help but kiss her back, turning her around so she was sitting on the sink. She lifted up her skirt to show me she wasn’t wearing any underwear, I grinned undoing my jeans dropping them to my ankles along with my boxers. Wasting no time I pulled her hips closer slowly putting my whole length into her entrance. I started moving my length in and out getting faster not hearing someone walk into the room. Katie looked up to see it was Emily but not saying anything.

Emily looked at use for a few seconds before running off, I still didn’t know she walked in and saw, I started to moan loudly close to climax so I pulled out and rubbed my length fast for a short time before ejaculating onto Katie. I quickly pulled up my boxers and jeans.

“I’m not one hundred present sure but I think Emily walked in and saw” Katie said looking at me

“Shit!” I ran out and searched all round the club for her having no luck, I ran out and called her but not getting an answer so I ran to her catching up with her before getting to hers “Emily! Wait please”

“No. Go away!” She said angrily trying to walk away.

I grabbed her wrist pulling her to me “ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was just so turned on and you wouldn’t have sex with me, I wasn’t thinking, please, it won’t happen again I swear”

Emily sighed and by surprise kissed me “Fine. I forgive you. But NEVER do it again”

I kissed her back “I won’t, I’ll walk you home” I walked Emily home and then went home myself smiling that Emily forgave me even though I was meant to do it.

Emily’s POV

It had been two weeks since I caught Harry sleeping with his ‘friend’ Katie, I was still upset by it but I tried not to show it. I woke up looking at Harry with a smile, he was still naked from the night before as I now tried to give him what he wanted, I just don’t want him to cheat on me again, I couldn’t help but love him. He knew how to make me laugh when no one else could and made me feel safe most of the time. I don’t like the fact I feel safe with Harry and love him, because I feel like I have to do everything to please Harry making me feel unsure about myself.

I got up out of bed trying not to wake him as I needed to go home today as I hadn’t been at home for a week, I slipped on my lacy thongs then my skirt before pulling on my top. I got all my other stuff and kissed Harry on the lips still not waking him as I left. Once I got home I went up to my room, put all my stuff away and went into the bathroom. I turned the taps on the bath to run the water, while waiting I took off my top, skirt and lace thongs and got into the bath once it was ready, I let out a painful gasp when my body went into the water, my entrance had gotten very sore from all the sex Harry wanted, I tried not to cry at how much it hurt.

I got out of the shower and just laid in bed ignoring all my calls off Harry until I answered his 9th call.

“Why haven’t you been answering me!” Harry shouted down the phone.

“Sorry, I was… downstairs…”

“Why did you leave babe? I have a huge boner that needs you”

I sighed “Harry I need a rest, I can’t keep it up, it’s hurting too much”

“We don’t do it that much! I’m coming over!” Harry got up and came round as fast and he could and came to my room.

“Hi…” I looked away

Harry walked over laying on the bed next to me pressing his crotch to my bum “Come on babe”

“Harry I said no!”

“Fine then! It’s over, you can just go and fuck yourself instead!” Harry shouted.

I looked at him giving him a bitchy look feeling sudden angry and slapping Harry’s face as hard as I could leaving a really red hand print on his cheek “Get out!”

Harry placed his hand where I hit him and left.

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