Love Truth, Love Lies


2. The Date

They walked to the restaurant together while talking and when they got there, they sat at a table, order their food and continued to get to know each other while waiting. Both enjoying each others company, they laughed all the time having a great time.

Emily decided to ask the question Harry wanted to avoid “So how come you moved down here?”

As soon as Emily ask the question he looked down with a frown “I have my reasons”

Emily looked at him confused “Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you by asking”

Harry looked at her and into her eyes and smiled “It’s fine, I don’t mind, it’s just something I don’t talk about”

Emily went to speak, but then a waiter placed their food in front of them. 

Harry looked at the food then at Emily “Looks good” then they both started eating until they were full. Harry got up and paid for it all once they were ready to go, he walked back over to Emily who stood up when Harry walked over.

Harry took hold of her hand and walked out, when Harry held Emily’s hand she just couldn’t help but smile as even though she only just got to know Harry it felt so right being with him, Harry walked Emily all the way home when he just got enough courage to kiss her on the lips and by surprise to Harry she kissed him back.

Emily smiled at Harry and looked into his eyes “Do you want to come in? My parents are out all night..”

Harry couldn’t help but grin to what Emily said and he nodded his head and they both went inside.

Emily walked up the stairs to go to her room and Harry just watched her staying at the bottom of the stairs not knowing what to do, Emily stopped at the top of the stairs and looked back at Harry “You coming Harry?” she said waiting to see if he comes up.

Harry looked up the stairs at Emily, then nodded “Yeah” and he walked up the stairs feeling nervous and followed Emily into her room. Harry walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge while watching Emily giving her room a quick clean when suddenly out of no where Emily sat on his lap , straddling him with a smile. Harry smiled back at her, having no idea what he should do when out of nowhere Emily pushed him so he was laying on the bed and she put her lips against his and kissed him. Harry grinned and kissed her back but Harry had never had a girl on top of him like this before so it didn’t take him long to get hard and when he did Emily felt it and smirked, sliding her hand down his trousers and into his boxers, she took hold of his length. 

Harry let out a gasp as no one has ever touched him there before. Emily grinned and slowly started to move her hand up and down his length making a loud moan escape his mouth, Emily then stopped and Harry looked at her confused until she started undressing so Harry got up off the and took off his top showing off his toned body when Emily heard a door from downstairs and she quickly chucked Harry’s shirt at him.

“Put it back on, quick” Emily quickly got dressed

Harry put his top back on and as fast as she could she got out some books to make it look like they were studying.

Emily’s mum Sue walked up the stairs and into her room without knocking, when she saw Emily and Harry sitting on the bed “Um.. What’s this?”

Emily looked at her mum “We’re doing some work for college, we got put together in a pair so I invited him round”

Her mum looked at Harry feeling unsure about him “Well okay then, I’ll leave you to it” Her mum walked out of Emily’s room and left them alone.

Emily looked over to Harry “I’m sorry we got interrupted, but never mind, we should probably leave it longer before we do anything”

Harry nodded to agree “Yeah, lets wait for a bit, but I should go now so see you on Monday at college?”

Emily pulled Harry closer to her and kissed him “Yeah, see you Monday” She smiled at him as he got up and walked out of her room to go downstairs and walk out her house.

When Harry was out her house and started walking home he smiled the entire time because of what happened at Emily’s and what could have happened if her parents didn’t come home. Harry got to his flat, unlocked the door and walked inside, he went into his bedroom, taking off his top and jeans leaving them on the floor and getting straight into bed, he turned off his lamp and laid in bed thinking about Emily until he finally fell asleep.

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