Love Truth, Love Lies


9. Moving On

Emily’s POV

It’s had been 8 days since Harry broke up with me and I didn't go to college and rarely got out of bed, Laura came over again but it was much later this time, she walked into my room and instantly chucked and really nice brand new dress and shoes at me “What are these for?”

Laura looked at me and smiled “We are going to a club and you have no say in it as we are going, you need to get out the house”

I sigh “But I don’t want to”

“Tough you’re coming now” Laura pulls off my bed covers.

I groaned and got up “Fine” I got the dress and shoes and got ready.

“Good, now come on, lets go flirt!” Laura grinned and grabbed my hand pulling me to a taxi waiting outside.

The taxi drove us to the nicest club around here and we went inside, Laura going straight to the bar getting us some drinks while I went to sit at a table to wait.

While I was waiting on my own at a table for Laura a guy walked over, he had beautiful blue eyes and lush blonde hair, he was really tall and towered over me, he coughed a little to get my attention making me look up at him “Hi…”

Luke looked down at me, hot and a bit sweaty as he was drunk and had been dancing around “Hello babe!” He shouted before sitting down next to me placing his hand round my neck “I’m Luke”

“I’m Emily…” I looked away from him wanting Laura to hurry up.

Luke smiled at me and I couldn't help but love his smile making me show a little smile.

Laura finally came back with plenty of shots and Luke ended up joining us for the night, but half way through Laura had to go home so I was left with Luke, I got absolutely drunk and Luke ended up ordering a taxi and taking me to his, I was too drunk to go home so I had to go with him to his but I didn't mind as I quite liked him.

Luke lead me to his bed where I laid down, it didn't take him long till he got on top of my kissing me, sliding his hand round to the back of my dress and undoing the dress and straight after undoing my bra.

I sat up then stood up so my dress fell down and I took of my bra “I’m not doing anything unless you have a condom”

Luke pulled a condom from his jeans pocket after taking them off “I have one”

“Good!” I grinned taking off the rest of Luke’s clothes then laying onto the bed while Luke slowly pulled off my lacy thongs and not wasting any time started to rub my clit making moans escape my mouth.

Soon after Luke looked up at me grinning “You’re ready” He smirked before opening the condom packet and rolling it down his length before putting his length into my entrance moving as fast as he could making me moan louder and louder until it was over.

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