Love Truth, Love Lies


3. Condoms

Harry’s POV

I had only been dating Emily for three weeks and already I had become as popular as her, I couldn’t believe it, I had new friends all of them popular too. It was lunch time and I was with my new friends rather then with Emily as I knew she was coming round tonight, so we could have some time together. We were outside the college sitting on the grass in the hot sun when Ben sat up and looked at me like he wanted to know something.

I looked up a him puzzled “What?”

Ben kept looking at me then ask “Have you had sex with Emily yet?”

I looked at him wondering why he’d want to know “No I haven’t”

Ben looked shocked as most the guys would have sex with their girlfriends in the first week “Have you ever had sex?”

The question made me look down hesitating to answer, and by my reaction he clearly knew.

 “Oh my god, you haven’t have you?” He said before letting out a burst of laugher. He looked at me again “You need to hurry up and have sex mate”

I wasn’t sure what to say “Emily’s coming round tonight… But only so we can watch a film together”

Ben laughed again “You need to do it tonight, believe me mate, you’ll love it”

“I don’t have anything though…”

Ben looked at him confused “Any what?”

“Condoms…” I looked down trying not to get embarrassed.

Ben laughed “Mate just do it without one”

“No way!” Harry said raising his voice a little “I am not risking getting her pregnant, not a chance”

Ben looked at him “Fine, go buy some then, you can get them from the pharmacy down town”

“Thanks” I said just before getting up and walked to the pharmacy before seeing a large range on condom’s having no idea which one’s to buy. I took out my phone to text Ben, the text saying “There’re loads, which ones do I get?”

Ben laughed at the text showing James who was another one of my new popular friends who also laughed before reply “Get the blue Durex pack”

I read the message and picked up the ones he said, I walked over to the counter going a little red as I saw the person behind the till was Emily’s mum who knew I was dating Emily.

Emily’s mum looked at the pack of condom’s and then at me before scanning the condom’s, her mum didn’t mind that much and she knew it wasn’t Emily’s first time but she sharply looked at me “You better be nice to her and not hurt her Harry, you seem like a nice guy and I don’t want her hurt”

I gave her then money and nodded at what she had said “I never want to hurt her Mrs. Jones” I picked up the condom’s placing them into my pocket and rushing out of the shop to avoid more embarrassment. I decided to skip the rest of college and went home instead. When I got home I decided to tidy the flat for when Emily came round knowing she wouldn’t like the mess. I went into the kitchen and over to the sink and washed up the plates, bowls, knifes, spoons and folks, drying them off after and putting them into the correct cupboards. I walked into the living room and took the hoover out of the cupboard and hovered up before taking it into the bedroom, I placed the hoover next to the wall picking up all my clothes I just left laying on my floor and bed, putting them into the laundry basket after, I went over to my bed and changed all the sheets before making the bed nice and tidy. I walked back over to the hoover and hovered my room putting the hoover away in the cupboard. I took the condoms out of my pocket, opening the box and taking one out putting it into the drawer next to my bed ready in case I end up needing it.

Emily’s POV

I did the whole day at college but I only saw Harry once in the morning, I knew I was going round his tonight but only seeing Harry once made me wonder what he might have been up to, I thought nothing else of it as I walked home. I took my keys out of my pocket, finding the key for my front door and placing the key into the lock to unlock the door, placing the keys back into my pocket I walked up to my room. I walked over to my clothes picking up a short black skirt, and a nice white top and some matching underwear which I then placed on the bed. I slowly undone the buttons to the top I was wearing sliding it down my arms and onto the floor, I reached to the back of my bra and unclasped the hooks slipping the straps off my arms so that also went to the floor. I picked up my bra I had laid out on my bed and clasping it together round my back, sliding up the arm straps, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zip, pushing down my jeans till they got to my ankles, then stepping out of them, straight after I pulled down my knickers and got the fresh pair on my bed stepping into them and pulling them up. I got hold of my skirt stepping into it pulling it up to my waist and pulling the zip up. I looked at the time and quickly put on my top and a pair of dolly shoes before grabbing a DVD and leaving to go to Harry’s, locking the door behind me.

I got to Harry’s and knocked on the door and waited for and answer, a couple of seconds later Harry answered the door and smiled “Hey babe” he lent in and gave me a kiss on my cheek then inviting me in.

I walked in and into the living room “I brought a DVD”

Harry smiled at me again “Nice, what is it?”

I passed it over to him “The Notebook”

Harry shook his head “What is it with you girls and The bloody Notebook”

Even though we’d never watched a film together before I looked at him and said “Well it’s my turn to pick the film” I laughed playfully

Harry walked over to the TV turning it on and sliding the disc into the DVD player before walking over to the lights only dimming them so there’s only the slightest light in the room.

I walked over and sat on the sofa while I watched Harry, until he came over sitting next to me, I lent on him putting my head on his chest, Harry smiled and wrapped his arm around me, cuddling me, his body so warm I never wanted to move from that position.

After it got to the end of the movie I couldn’t help but cry, Harry could hear me cry and he moved slightly making me look up at him. My tears falling down my cheeks, Harry got the end of one of his sleeves and wiped all my tears away before giving my a quick kiss on the lips making a small smile spread across my face. Harry got up and took out the DVD from the DVD player, placing it back into the case and putting in next to the TV to make sure he knew where it was “What would you like to do now?”

I looked Harry up and down “We could go and relax in the bedroom?”

Harry tried not to smile with loads of thoughts now going into his head, he just looked at me and nodded.

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