Chilled Kisses In Winter


1. Chilled Kisses In Winter

Him and her, together and inseparable
as the snow billows around their blanketed forms
until they are barely visible from afar. 
Their black coats blacker against the white
of the deep, crunchy snow, 
and their noses growing red at the cold. 
Her subtle, closed-mouth smile
pink lipped and innocent, pure as the ice,
entices her partner into dancing
like the flurries of snow spinning round and round. 
They tumble and laugh, 
and fall to the floor, hands clasped tight. 
Some people are jealous of the feelings
they shared, but they are oblivious
because they're looking up at the sky
and watching the fat snowflakes fall on their noses.
They sit up simultaneously
and stare into each other's eyes.
Him and her, brown and blue meeting in the middle
of a flurry of snow. 
She has snowflakes in her eyelashes
he has a smile stuck to his face, 
and that smile stays as he kisses her
with frozen lips.
They say your tongue sticks to frozen things
but their lips are fluid and gentle
as amorous as young lovers. 
Their love as unsullied and innocent
as the blanket of white surrounding them. 


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