The Girl You Know

Dizzying anger makes her sway.
Will she always be this way?
A poem about the crushing weight of bottling up depression.


1. The Turning Point

She screamed and she yelled. She threw things and smashed up everything in her path. 

Weeping, hurling around her fear and anger. She shrieked.

Let it all out.

But the girl that you know won't do that.

The girl that you know sits and smiles politely.

She does as she's told.

She never lets you see her  pain and anger.

She will never tell. Its her dark little secret.

A secret as black as her mind.

The girl that you know isn't a girl at all. Well... maybe she is but she's darkened.

All that you knew of her was a lie she won't let you in and you don't know why.

So maybe you should listen to the voice in your head.

And maybe instead,

You'll look a littler closer

Take a little peep

And you'll realise the girl that you know is not what you think.

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