Never going to lose hope

"She's moving" "what?!??"

"Oh my gosh, I missed you so much!! I'm just so glad that you're back!!"
"Whatever. See you later."

Hi my names Isabella and I'm 14 and this is my story-there are ups and downs, Heart break and tears. But no matter what, I'm not going to lose hope-I'm never going to lose hope.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1
"She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl, voice so quiet you don't hear a word-always talking but she can't be heard..."
Ugh, there goes my alarm clock-little mix- little me (they are my favourite band in the universe). It's Monday morning again; the worst day of the week. The only upside is the fact that I get to see my best friends-Brooklyn an Dani. I'm not going write about when I was getting ready because nothing really happened. I'm just gonna skip to when Brooklyn knocked on my door. I opened the wooden creaky door an greeted Brooklyn with open arms. But she wasn't her usual self- she had a bed head and red, puffy cheeks. Brooklyn usually looks gorgeous and she can't stand it when a single hair is out of place so I could tell that something was up. That was when it hit me; where was Dani?



Note from 'Ellabella<3'

Sorry that this chapter was so short! I've been really busy recently. -hopefully the next chapter will be longer :)

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