Different. Divergent.

Tarragon Green is 16 years-old and soon she'll make a decision her family have been trying to make for her, the whole of her life. She belongs to an Amity family and they want her to stay by their side, afraid of what might become if she doesn't, she her dreams to be one of the Divergent rebels. When she gets what she dreamt of, will her dreams fall short?


4. Chapter 4

               That night was the first in a long time that I fell asleep and had a dream. It wasn’t pleasant so I won’t bore you with the details. If I was to sum it up in one word: nightmare. Because although it was the first dream I’d had in years, it was of me back in the simulation… without being able to manipulate it. It was a nightmare.

               I’d been waking with sweaty palms a lot in that day. The dream was horrible and it led to me being drenched in my own sweat. I couldn’t help but go to the shower block. I stood in the shower, still in my clothes. I don’t know why, exactly, I just did. The shower didn’t run for long, I got bored after a few minutes. My clothes were still drenched but this time in clean fluid. I walked back to my room, leaving a trail of water behind.


               Morning wasn’t far away. The sun was coming up but I wasn’t the kind of person that would stop to see how beautiful it was; I was the kind of person that shielded my eyes from it. The rays stretched up the trunk of the tree in the middle of Amity compound. I put my hand up to shield my eyes from the sun but I didn’t need to. The silhouette of a woman was in front of me. At first I thought it to be Johanna Reyes but then I noticed the gun. It was my natural instinct to put my hands in the air.

               “Are you Tarragon Green?”

               “Before I answer, tell me why you want to know.” I asked; why was I so curious?

               “Are you Tarragon Green?”  The soldier repeated her question.

               “Uh… Fine, yes. I am.”

               “Stand, Miss Green.”

               “Okay, where are we going?” I stood up and lowered my hands, slipping them into my pockets.

               “You are going outside; there are more soldiers to meet you. I, however, need to speak to Johanna. Look for the purple armband.”

               “Purple armband?” I questioned. “You’re not from Dauntless?”

               “Yes, purple armband. No, not from Dauntless,” The soldier hesitated. “From outside.”

               “Why would I want to go outside?”

               “Because. You have the highest level of pure genes, we’ve ever had recorded.”

               “In English, please.”

               “You’re the highest Divergent we’ve ever seen since we set the experiment up.”

               “You know about my Divergence?”

               “We know everything. About everyone.”

               That statement scared me a little, I mean, why wouldn’t it? If someone you’d never seen, let alone met, told you that they knew everything about everyone, you’d be scared. My mouth hung open. I couldn’t close it.

               “Miss Green, please don’t make this harder than it needs to be. We have to take you Outside; you could be our only chance of survival… Since our last Divergent insider left us with only a brief note.”

               “So you’re telling me that if I come with you, you’re not going to kill me like my so-called friends and family would?”

               “That is correct. Can you fire a gun?”

               “I’m from Amity; we’re taught to be kind. No. I don’t know how to shoot a gun.”

               “I see. Well, just in case, you’ll need this.” The soldier handed me the gun, it felt lighter than I had expected and my grip was cool on the warm handle. “Disguise it.”

               “Thank you?” It came out as a question but I knew that my life was being saved; it was anything but a question. It was debt I wouldn’t be able to repay. “Thank you.” I repeated. I was immediately surrounded by guards as I stepped outside of Amity. Not purple-armband guards – Dauntless guards.

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