Different. Divergent.

Tarragon Green is 16 years-old and soon she'll make a decision her family have been trying to make for her, the whole of her life. She belongs to an Amity family and they want her to stay by their side, afraid of what might become if she doesn't, she her dreams to be one of the Divergent rebels. When she gets what she dreamt of, will her dreams fall short?


1. Chapter 1

               In Amity, two of the first things you're taught is to be kind and forgiving. Since I was neither, I didn't fit in much. I wasn’t kind to everybody (some I had to be kind to) and, for some reason, it wasn’t in my nature to be forgiving. This lead to me having next to no friends, well that and I wasn’t peaceful enough - no matter how much of the bread I ate. And that my dark brown hair was always in a plait down my back, out of the way. Most Amity are taught to be all the things I'm not and that's why I left, no matter how painful my absence was to my family.

               I wandered a lot, too. When everyone was asleep and I knew I'd have at least a few hours to kill before I could get some sleep, I jumped out of bed and wandered the Amity compound. That's what I did the night before my aptitude test – wandered. Amity stopped bothering me about it, too, when they found out I was immune to some sort of serum that was supposed to help me sleep.

               I talked to myself, as well. Quite a lot I must admit, probably because there was no one else at quite the same sanity level as me. I think I’m doing it now… But I wouldn’t know because I’m dead. If I am talking to myself – you’re not real because you’re inside my head. It's a weird concept, I know.


               It was 6am. I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep so I didn’t try. I hauled myself out of bed and went to the shower block. There was one other girl there, I’d exchanged a nod with her a couple of times. I smiled and she smiled back. I hopped into the shower and washed myself down. When I’d finished, I got out the shower and changed into the clothes I’d taken with me. I wore red jeans that were a little big around the waistband and a loose-fitting yellow top. I waved good-bye to the girl and wisedh her good luck on the aptitude test before I left to go and sit on my bed for a few hours.

               Minutes passed before I decided that I was bored and went for what was to be my last walk around the Amity compound. I walked past the big tree in the middle of the entrance and into the greenhouses. I walked past the third row of trees and bumped straight into Johanna Reyes.

               “Sorry.” I said, trying to manoeuvre around her.

               “Don’t worry,” Johanna replied. “Accidents happen.” She smile and the piece of hair that was tucked behind her ear falls over her scar.

               “Can… Can I get past?” I said. “Please.” I remembered to add.

               “Sure.” She smiled, leaving her hair covering the scar.

               “Thanks.” I said and hurried away before she could ask where I needed to be in such a rush.

               I walked cautiously to the dining hall and grabbed myself a few pieces of toast. I shouldn’t of eaten because I wasn’t hungry – I was bored.

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