Fiery Lotus flower

Dette er en historie, om en stolt kriger fra Japan, dette er historien om Kina og Japan i harmoni, lotus flower and samurai. Jeg håber i vil nyde den :D


1. Fiery Lotus flower ( kun et kapitel)

Over mountains, through woods, under oceans, the lotus goes, all other flowers are wilthering, i am growing and growing, untill i cannot grow anymore, i light the dark, and kills the evil, i am in your mouth, and in your brain, do not worry, all the efforts were not in vain. I am a beautiful flower, i am a tall tower, i am falling down, to the ground, i will wilther soon in the japanese hall, that is where i was born, and where i will fall. I have cracked cracks where you have not, i am a symbol of might, never to fail, and never to fall, i will stay in the mighty hall! I am on the sash around your waist, i am with you in haste and waste, i belong where i am, around your waist, in all your fights, in all your effort, we defeath them all, you hail me, you hail him, you hail us, the brilliant team, sash and samurai, lotus and the sun, the fiery lotus springs again, all hail the samurai and his flower, they will grasp upon, all of your power.

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