Stand Together

"As you may all know, war has started in our country. THerefore, we need an army. Everyone, 15 and older, has to fill in The Test. To make sure we test every single person in every single district, we are sending everyone to the Town Hall, which is divided into different sections for different ages. Tomorrow, every one of you has to sign up at the Town Hall. WHen the clock strikes midnight, houses will be searched. And you will be found, if you try to hide."


1. Nine Districts

First District - Humans, normal human-beings, some are very clever, but they do not have any magical powers or extreme skills.

Second District - Faeries, shorter creatures, very clever and mischievous, and some even have magical powers.

Third District - Elves, tall magical creatures, who are very calm and peaceful. They have better senses than any other creature and they do not sleep.

Fourth District - Elementals, human-beings, who were born with the ability to control one of the four elements; water, air, earth or fire. There is no Elemental, who can control two or more elements.

Fifth District - Shapeshifters, humans who can transform into animals. There are only a few Shapeshifters, who can transform into greater animals, like a gryphon or a phoenix.

Sixth District - Warriors, hunters that don't speak very often, but only when needed. These are normal humans, but have the talent and skills of an amazing hunter. They are called Warriors, but do not fight in wars. When someone wants to take advantage of their skills, they do nothing. Warriors show no emotion.

Seventh District - Witches and Wizards, sorcerers that practice magic through spells and often make potions, too. Witches are the female version of a wizard.

Eigth District - Pixies, tiny faeries that live in houses in trees, which they made all by themselves. They are the spirits of young children, who died at an early age. They were not allowed in Heaven and hadn't done anything wrong to go to Hell. That is why they became Pixies.

Ninth District - Vaseliens, they used to live in the Ninth District, but it was ruïned and destroyed. Vaseliens were able to talk to animals. When the District was being burnt to a crisp, the Vaseliens guided the animals to the Eight District (Pixies). The Vaseliens themselves died, unfortunately. Only a few of them survived, and are now living in the Eigth District with the Pixies.

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