The Third Quarter Quell

(C)(This is a twist to Catching Fire) The Capitol decides to teach the citizens of Panem two lessons this year. This years Quarter Quell,one pair of tributes,or just one lone tribute,will be allowed to win. Cato and Clove are sure it will be them, but will it?


1. Chapter 1

"Hello. As you may know, this year the third Quarter Quell will be taking place. This years lesson will be," Snow paused as he opened a box filled with papers." To show that the Rebels had not a fighting chance against the Capitol, half of the tributes will be previous victors, the other half kids from twelve to eighteen." The crowd gasps and claps."We are not done. To show how families,romance,and friendships were torn apart in the rebellion, all tributes will have some connection to one another." Snow gave an evil smile."The victors have already been chosen. From District One, Cashmere and Gloss. " He paused."District Two, Cato and Clove,District Three, Wiress and Beetee, District Four, Finnick and Annie,District Seven, Johanna and Blight, and lastly, District Twelve,Katniss and Peeta. May the odds be ever in your favor." Snow waved goodbye and the cameras turned off.

That was three months ago. Now, I stand on a pedestal besides Cato overlooking the arena. I spot Katniss and Peeta. I can't wait to kill that girl. As the clock winds down, all I can think about is getting out of here a victor. Twenty-two people stand in the way of Cato and my victor.

The Cornucopia is surrounded by water.Luckily, I can swim. They teach you everything in training, just in case. The clock is now at thirty. I look at the Cornucopia. I see knives. Those will be mine. Cashmere and Gloss will have to fight me for them. We all know how that will end up.

"Clove, you can swim,right?" Cato shouts to me.

"Yeah, you?" I reply.

"Yeah." He nods and turns back to the Cornucopia. It's obvious what he is eyeing. He wants that sword. And that one. And the rest of them.

When the clock reaches ten, I look into the water. When the bong sounds, I dive in. I swim as fast as I can until I reach land. I accept Finnick and Annie are already there, so that might be a struggle. When I pull myself up, it's not Finnick I see. It's Katniss.

She looks me in the eye and grabs a bow. I search for a weapon that I can use. I find a few stars and throw them at her. One cuts her arm and causes her to drop a backpack that Peeta picks up. I grab a small sword and go after him, but am pulled back.

"Don't waste your time." Cato says into my ear and pushes me toward the knives.

I grab as many as I can and begin killing. I throw a knife into a girl's chest and she falls. When I pull the knife out of her chest, I catch a glimpse of blonde hair behind me. Cashmere. I made it plenty aware there was no Career alliance between One and Two. Cashmere wasn't fond of me. I wasn't fond of Cashmere. Therefore, no alliance.

"Really?" I turn around and see Cashmere about to stab me in the back.I hit the knife out of her hand."Pathetic." I push her to floor and kneel beside her.I slit her throat and stand up to find Gloss trying to attack me.

Gloss is much larger than I am, considering I am about 5'3.I grab a knife and throw it at him, but he is able to dodge it."Revenge for my sister!" He shouts at me.

"Cato!" I scream and it's a matter of seconds when Gloss collapses in front of my with a spear in his back.

Cato pulls the spear out of Gloss and pulls me up."Dumb-ass." Cato says and kicks Gloss's body into the water.

"Thanks." I whisper.


There are still a few tributes at the Cornucopia. All the victors have left already. It's a matter of minutes before Cato and I destroy the unskilled ones.

After the bodies have been lifted away, Cato and I go through the supplies. I find myself a nice pile of knives, some stars, and a few kukri's.

"Here." Cato hands me a few knives.

"Thanks. Want one?" I ask, handing him a kukri and a knife.

"Thanks." He takes both of them.

After we pack everything needed into a few backpacks, we go into the jungle."Damn, it's hot." I complain to Cato.

"I know. It sucks." He agrees.

"Maybe we should stop."

"We've barely walked a mile."

"It is like hundred and ten! We shouldn't walk more than a mile at a time."

"Well, we shouldn't stop yet."


We continue walking and stop when night falls. The anthem plays and the dead tributes appear in the sky. Cashmere and Gloss are the only victors to die so far. After the anthem, I prop myself up against a tree.

"I'll watch." Cato says and sits down next to me.

"Ok. Wake me up in a few." I yawn. I rested my head on Cato and he wrapped his arm around me. We've always had an odd relationship. He was my only worthy opponent in District Two and I was his. We fought for the first 5 years of our training to show we were the best, though no one ever won our battles. Brutus and Enobaria paired me with him when I was nine. The first few months all we did was argue, but we later became friends.

When we were teenagers, that's when our relationship got odd. We dated unofficially and it's been that way ever since.I don't call him my boyfriend and he doesn't call me his girlfriend. Yet, we are loyal to each other.

I fall asleep curled into his side. I must have slept for a few hours when I was awaken by a cannon. I jump up and look around."Cato?"

"What?" Cato replies emotionless.

"They are obviously people up. I think we should be too."

"Nah. It's fine. I'll wake you if I hear or see something."

"You can sleep."

"I don't feel like it."

I look up and see Blight from District Seven."Wonder what happened to him. I didn't even see him."

"He was with Johanna."

"Oh. I almost killed Twelve."

"I know. I saw."

"Why didn't you let me?"

"One against two."

"So, I'd win. I can beat you and you are equivalent to two."

"She can shoot and he can use a knife."

"So can I."

"I'm not letting you die."

"I wouldn't of died."

"How do you know? I don't want to loose you. I almost lost you last year."

"Well, you didn't!"

"Fine, I'll let you die then." Cato rolled his eyes."Just sleep."

"Fine." I rolled my eyes back and fell back asleep.

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