The Diamond Patterned Pillow.

Katie is just an average girl. Who moved into a regular house with her best friend. But what happens when her neighbors are her favorite youtubers? Will she get one of them to fall for her, or will she fall for them...


2. Who Do You Think You Are?!?

Katie's POV.

"Hurry up!" I screamed to my roommate. We had just bought a new house in California.


"Hold on these boxes are heavy!!" Rachel, my roommate, shouted back.


Hi, I'm Katie! I'm 18. And as you can probably tell I just moved into a new neighborhood with my best friend Rachel. Me and her share the same birthday so we are the same age. We met back when we where 5.




I walked into the new place. 'So this is what preschool looks like.' I thought to my self as I checked the place out. I saw a boy push this girl down, take her toy and walk away. I went over and asked her if she was alright.


"Yeah, I'm fine." The girl replied. She the told me her name. "I'm Rachel." She said. "Hi, I'm Katie." I said back, kinda shyly. "Wanna be best friends?" She asked, sticking her hand out, looking for me to hold it. "Sure!" I said cheerfully taking her up on her offer.

~end of flashback.~


We brought the last of the boxes in and we started unpacking. I had my iphone hooked up to the dock playing my music when T.N.T. ,a song by AC/DC, came on. I went over and turned it up as loud as it could go (which was pretty loud) and we started scream singing the lyrics. Don't judge us, we just love rock music!


We where half way through the song when I just barely heard a knock on the door. I walked over to the door not minding to turn it down and when I opened the door I was in complete shock.


There, standing in front of me where the magnificent Connor Franta, JC Caylen, Kian Lawley, and last but not least, Ricky Dillon, or better known as 4/6 of O2L!!!


"Umm, hi!" I screamed over the music. I grabbed the remote and turned it down. "How can I help you?" I asked. Trying to sound normal and not like an overly obsessed fan girl (which I was). "We were actually just going to ask you to turn your music down. It was quite loud and we are trying to film a video." Jc said. Gesturing to all of them. "Oh we're sorry. I guess we just didn't realize how thin these walls really were!" I said with a little laugh towards the end of what I said. "It's okay I guess. Wait, I don't remember Mrs. Lacossio having granddaughters?" He said. "Umm who's Mrs. Lacossio?" I asked. "She's the lady that lives here?" Kian said. Like I should have known. "Oh well, umm we actually just moved in so yeah." I said while looking in Rachel's direction. "OH! That makes so much sense now!" Jc said, after finally putting all the pieces together.


Connor's POV.

Wow. She was truly beautiful. I had never seen a person so pretty. The way her hair fell perfectly on her shoulder and how her eyes glistened in the light. I had never seen a more gorgeous person.

I heard my name being said and I snapped back to reality.

"I'm Jc!" Jc said. Putting his hand out for the girl to shake. "I'm Kian." Said Kian. Also shaking her hand. "Hi, I'm Ricky," Ricky said with his hand on his chest, "and that's Connor." He said pointing towards me. I smiled and waved at her.

"Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Katie!" She said. Katie. That was suck a pretty name. It suit her perfectly.

Then her friend spoke up. "And I'm Rachel!" She said shaking all of our hands.


Ricky's POV

"And I'm Rachel!" The girl said, scooting around her friend. Wow. She had a beautiful voice. Yeah. That probably sounded weird but hey, it was only true. She looked like a model. And wow. Her eyes were beautiful! I shook her hand. "Nice to meet you!" I said to her. "Nice to meet you guys too!" she chimed. 

"So would you guys like to come in or something?" The girl named Katie said. "Umm, yeah sure?" Jc said, looking to us for approval. We all nodded. "Okay. Come on in! Sorry about all the boxes." Katie said. 

Katie's POV

 I stepped aside, so that they could come inside. Oh my gosh, o2l is inside my house!!!!! eeeep!   I thought to myself as I closed the door. I gestured towards the couch signaling them to sit down. "Would any of you like something to drink?" I asked them, trying to break the awkward. They all shook their heads except for Connor. "I would like something to drink, actually!" He said cheerfully. "Okay! what would you like?" "Just a Sprit would be fine, but I'll come with you." He said as he got up.

We walking into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed the soda. As I turned around I was met with a pare of lips on mine. Was Connor really kissing me?!? I thought. We were kissing for a few minutes before pulling away. All I did was look at the breathless boy standing there until I realized that I had dropped the sprit and it busted.

I snapped back to reality and got a cloth to clean it up with. "Oh let me help you with that!" Connor said while trying to take the cloth from me. I yanked it back. "I think you've done enough." I half shouted at him. Who did he think he was?!? Coming into my house and kissing me in my kitchen with only knowing me for 10 minutes!

 "Okay then. I'm sorry. I guess I will go join the others." He said sounding a bit disappointed. "Yeah you do that!" I said as I started to clean up the mess.


Okay so sorry for the short chapter but this is the first story I have written. I promise the next one will be longer! Xx -Emma

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