I Wish - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

It hurts when someone you love, loves someone else.
It hurts seeing them together.
It hurts to see them holding hands together.
It hurts to see them do everything together.
It hurts that he choosed other girl, and not me, his bestfriend.
Oh, how I wish that girl was me.


1. Chapter 1

I'm not the one who he would tell something for the first time anymore. I'm not the one who he would hold with his warm hands. Can I just be his everything? I love him. I've loved him since I was 16. But I'm afraid to tell him. What if he doesn't like me? What if our friendship ruined? What if everything's over?

Now he has someone else. Someone more important than me. The one who he thinks for the first time every morning, and it's not me. I wish that girl was me.




"Nicoleee! Wake up! School will start soon, don't be late!' my mom shouts from the first floor.

"Ughhh!" I groan. Can I just skip high school? High school is lame.

Well it's not lame. I mean, I'm pretty popular and there will be prom.. which i wanted Niall to be my prom date. well, that will never happen, he has a girlfriend now. Nevermind, it is lame.

"Wake up, honey!" she opens the door.

"Yes, mom. I-am. Nooww excuse me, I'm going to take a shower" I say with my closed eyes.

She gets out of my room, I start to taking a shower and get dressed.

I eat my breakfast, i go to school, and monday, you bastard.


I arrive at my school, I go to my locker, which is near to Niall's and I see him with her. yeah, her.

"Love you, Britt" he kisses her, "love you too Niall" she kisses back.  ugh that bitch, im gonna kill her.

"Well i need to go to my class, see ya" she leaves.

Niall waves to her and then he goes to my place, "hey, Nic! How was your weekend?" he says, leaning back against the locker.

As i take my book, i fake a smile and says "It was good, yours?"

"it was so amazing! listen, I went to cinema with Britt and she's a really amazing kisser and she's so wonderful" he says, excited.

wow, that hurts Niall. You don't need to, but thanks a lot for telling me. Why you didn't choose me? Can i replace her? Why not me? Don't you know that i love you? Don't you have the same feelings like mine?


"ohh, uh, yes, of course she is" I blink my eyes.

"you okay?"

I roll my eyes and slam my locker lightly, "Yes. See ya later"

I walk away from him, but he follows me.

"wowowow, but we're going to the same class. what is wrong with you?!" he says, yelling at me"

It's not me, It's you. what is wrong with you? are you leaving your bestfriend?

"no.. nothing, really, Niall. i'm fine" I fake a smile.

"hey, come on you always tell me your problem and so do i. we're bestfriend, right? forever and always will be" he smiles with his i-want-to-know-what's-wrong-with-you face.

"Yeah we're and... always..." i'm not sure about that 'forever and always'.

"so what's wrong?" he says

"no, it's just my little brother, he broke my favorite necklace this morning and i'm on period, so you know, girls.. haha" I lie and fake a smile.

"ohh i see there" he laughs. oh, his laughs, his lips, it's my dream to put my lips on his.




Break time, this is the worst. Because I'm sitting with Britt and Niall, and also my bestfriend Jess. Ughh, i'm so done with how Britt acts like a bitch. She keeps making me jealous about her and Niall. Can i just kill her like right now?

Niall looks at me who's not eating the food, but ruining her own food with fork, "hey Nic, you've been acting weird lately. What's actually happening to you? and stop ruining your food"

I raise my eyebrow, "uh no it's just-"

but Britt cuts me, "well you shouldn't be her friend, babe"  she smiles with her bitch way.

"wow-" niall says, but i cut him,

"wow what the fuck did you say, bitch?" i stand up from my chair.

"wow look who's mad here? A little asshole? Hahaha!" she says and stands up too.

"hey hey, stop it guys, stop it. please" niall says.

"did you hear what your fucking girlfriend just say?!" I shout

"oh come on Nic, it's just her, it's not a big thing right? You know that i love her right?" wow, you break my heart Niall.

"oh, yes i do know, and yeah it's just a small thing that your girlfriend calls me an asshole" my voice is shaking and tears are in my eyes, "i tought we were bestfriend, Ni?" I smile, grab my bag and leave.

"hey Nic!" I pretend that I don't hear it.

I go to the girls toilet and jess follows me.

"hey Nic it's ok, it's gonna be alright"

i let my tears fall down and i hug Jess, "I-I can't believe th-that he ju-just said that" i say sobbing.

"it's alright" Jess says rubbing my back. She's always there when im upset.


I walk back to my house, sobbing. I go to my room, I lay down on my bed crying hard.

how could he do that? He let someone calls his bestfriend an asshole? is that how a bestfriend supposed to do?

I kept crying until someone knocks my house.





hello everyone! thank you so muchh for reading! I hope you like it so far.

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