It's Just A Game. [Larry Fanfic]

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson completely shipped 'Larry Stylinson.' They would purposefully flirt and cuddle and look cute for their fans, because they loved making their fans happy. It was just a game to them. They always tried to see who could push each other the farthest, who could act the cutest and most loving. Though then came a fateful day when they were doing a concert and a fan girl asked them to do the unthinkable for her birthday - to kiss. Will this kiss take a toll on one of them? Is it just a game between them any more - or has this game turned into real life?"


8. Harry.


I kicked the stupid board game out of my way. I kicked another one, the chess pieces flying. Stupid game. It's always just a stupid game with him. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

I looked at the pictures going by on my laptop, all the Larry pictures. It was just a freaking game. I wiped my tears and sighed as I read the fanfictions about us. They wanted it to happen so bad. I wanted it to happen so bad. Though I knew it wouldn't. I wasn't going to play the stupid game anymore, even if the fans wanted it. Never. I wasn't just a stupid chess piece he could play with. I'm not a pawn in his game.

I tried calling Liam or Niall or Zayn but none of them answered, only making me feel more defeated. I tried to call Stan, Gemma, Mom, or Dad, anyone, but it's like the world was against me. No one answered. I needed someone to talk keep my mind off of Louis.

Though since no one was there, I couldn't stop thinking about him. When he kissed me, I was so sure. I was so sure that it was going to happen, that we were going to be together. I pictured it all. Making love, going public, all the couple moments we could have. Getting old, getting married, starting a family. It was going to be amazing, perfect. Though no. That couldn't happen. The life I thought was so perfect to have would never happen. He'd never love me. Ever. He's not gay and he'll never feel the same way so I'll be alone and miserable because deep down I know I'll never have the same feelings for anyone other than him. We're meant to be together, but that doesn't mean it'll happen.

They always say if it's meant to be then it'll be. Though sometimes it truly is meant to be but it never happens. Soulmates go their entire lives without meeting each other. It doesn't always happen. What's worse is that I know who my soulmate is and he's my best friend. We have such a higher possibility to be together but it still won't happen. Even two people like Louis and I, people who should be together, won't get together.

I wonder how that happens. How do people who are meant to be together get together? Obviously it's not that easy. Do they have to go through major obstacles to find out how they feel, to have a deeper connection, like Katniss and Peeta? Or do they have to hate each other but realize how perfect they are for each other in the end? How come it's only in stories that soulmates get together?

It's not like that in real life, I can tell you that. So many people get divorces, so obviously it's not like a fairytale. Do these people that get divorces lie to themselves and say that they're soulmates? Or do they lie to each other and act like they're soulmates. Are they soulmates, but just lost their way? Why do they get divorces? Why do they get married? Do they settle for someone they know isn't right for them? I don't get it. How can people fall in love and stay in love? I want to know. I need to know.

I went onto Twitter and decided that the best people to talk to were my fans. I started a twitcam and said, "Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing well." I sighed. "I'm okay. I know, I look rough, but I really am okay. I'm just...defeated. Rejection is a very cruel thing." I looked at the comments. "I don't know why they don't want to be with me either. I mean, I thought we were soulmates. We are soulmates. We should be together. We have so much chemistry and a deep connection, but I don't know why we aren't together. If you're in a relationship, tell me how you two got together. Please. Enlighten me."

I read some more comments. Some weren't that helpful, but then I got one from ClassyLassie. She said, "It was like a story. It didn't feel like one when it was happening, but looking back now I realized it was like one. No one ever notices how much their life really is like a romance novel. They say it doesn't happen, but they just don't realize it does."

"ClassyLassie, that's...a good point. I mean, the relationships in stories weren't perfect. It was a bumpy road. Like Shakespeare said, 'The course of true love never did run smooth.' I suppose I'm just being emotional. Who wouldn't be after being rejected? I don't know what's to come. Something amazing could happen or something horrible. They say there's plenty of fish in the sea. Do you think it's possibly to have more than one soulmate? I sure hope so. Otherwise I'm screwed."

I read some more of what they had to say. Some of them said it was definitely possible, but they only said that because they wanted me to be their soulmate. Others said it wasn't possible, that some can come close, but there will always be something holding you back from actually loving them completely.

"You guys are so smart," I said. "Seriously. You're so much more helpful than anyone else who didn't answer my phone call. Maybe I'm wrong anyway. Maybe I'm just telling myself I've met my soulmate, but actually they're out there. I'm probably just scared that I might not find the one and I'm just settling for someone who's close." I smiled. "That gives me a lot of hope to try and find the right one then, because the person who rejected me...I love them so much, and if they're not right, then I can't even comprehend the love I'll have for him or her. It'll be amazing I can tell you that. The feelings I have with them, they were wonderful, perfect, but if it's not meant to be, then it'll be so much more amazing. I'm kind of excited now." I laughed.

"You guys are wonderful. Just thirty minutes ago I was crying, but now I'm laughing. All because of you. You're amazing. I'm truly excited now. Rejection is painful, but thinking about it - it'll make things feel so much better when you fall in love, when the right one truly does come along. When that happens, I'll think back to this and be grateful it happened, because it means I tried. Now, I just have to try to find the right one. Or maybe I should just let it happen."

I sighed, feeling so much better, so much more enlightened. I looked at the comments, all of them making me smile. Though then I came across one tweet.

"Everything you just said is wrong. You already have found the right one. You have found your soulmate."

I blinked and read the name. It was from Louis.

"What?" I whispered.

"Look to your left."

I looked. "Louis?"   

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