Eon: Time Soldier

The Past, Present and Future have crashed together in a chaotic tangle of time and space. Our world is called Eon, no longer the Earth that the we once knew. In the midst of it all, wizards, warriors, and worgans hold a deadly tournament of magic, blood, and weaponry to determine the strongest Time Soldier every three years.


1. Darkness

At first there was only darkness, an overwhelming, bleak, bleak blackness that ate at everything.
Not that there was anything to eat. No light existed.

Then a small vibration rang out from this darkness. A tiny, insignificant sound that resembled a pin drop. It was high-pitched, and very, very minuscule compared to the vastness of this bleak place.

It was enough.

That one pin drop echoed over and over in the darkness, the single sound grew and grew and grew, until it evolved into an explosion, the whole blackness erupting with a sudden light that cracked the edges of this dark space, sending flecks of the universe crashing into other pieces until a planet was born. Overtime it expanded and changed, its surface taking on a green-blue hue, soft thin strips of atmosphere circling the planet.

It was called Earth.

Life thrived on Earth, but soon, too soon, its glorious developments would have to end. Its water bodies were drying up, the land was cracking or eroding from the nearing sun. The sky gradually became shredded into pieces, the atmosphere now punctured with holes that led to the near extinction of the ecosystems on the planet. So a particularly intelligent species called homo sapiens had to figure out a solution.

The solution led them to Eon, a regenerating crystal that is capable of giving life to Time itself, reversing its order and bringing back the Past and producing the Future. Earth slowly changed, its systems and order adjusting rapidly to fit the different needs of so many different timelines.

Soon, the planet is renamed Eon, after the crystal that brought back a string of hope onto the withering planet.

From here, curious individual, is where our story starts.

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