RoseRia: Book one… It Begins

She shoved her way past her father. He was lying, her mother was not a beast! She remembers her caring smile her nice hugs her glowing red eyes… Wait glowing? She stops running as tears make their way down her cheeks. What was she? Her mother the beast.


1. Normal Goes on

Naomi Dawson smiled softly as she began to wake up her father. "Papa, Its time to get up!" She shouted laughing as he jolted awake falling off the bed. "It wasn't me!" He yelled eyes widening. Naomi stopped laughing abruptly.  "Papa? Wake up! You're having a nightmare." She shouted once again, tears in her eyes as she watched her father fight air. "Papa! Nothing's there! Come on wake up!" She yelled starting to cry. As her tears hit the floor her father came out of his nightmare; as if by trance.  He searched the room with his sky blue eyes wildly, when they landed on his daughter crying. His eyes soften. 'Just like her Mother' He thought to himself. 'Looks like her too' He added smiling a little.

Yes she indeed looked more like her mother than himself. Her cocoa skin tone, acid green eyes and small figure. The only thing that she did get from him was her sunset hair. It came to her shoulders in an curly mess. You wouldn't even be able to tell that they were related except by their hair. He was Caucasian  blue eyed, with short curly hair; a scary temper and at least six feet tall. They made an odd family, but a family no less.  "Naomi." He said softly putting a huge hand on her head. Startled Naomi looked up her acid eyes dim. "Papa?" She asked. He nodded his head. "Yes Darling I'm Ok now."  She smiled and all the sadness began to leave her face. "PAPA!" She shouted jumping on him. "I was so scared!" She wailed clinging to him. He smiled. She might be twelve but she had the mentality of a six year old. It wasn't her fault lack of oxygen as a baby had caused it, there was nothing the doctors could do.

He placed her on the bed, once again patting her head as tears fell from her unnaturally colored eyes. "There, There It's ok now I promise..." He repeated the words in a soothing tone. She calmed down and smiled. "I'm hungry" She stated. He laughed. 'Maybe she's like me after all'  "Well then, why don't we get something to eat before you go to school and I go to work?" He asked. She nodded her head but began to frown. "I don't like school! Why can't I go to work with you?" She asked pouting.

He laughed as she ran into the kitchen and jumped in a chair. "Because Sweet heart. Grown ups go to work and children go to school." He stated. She pouted once again. "But I can count to twenty!" She protested. He rolled his eyes. "Yes but I can count to a hundred." He stated as he began to crack the eggs. She huffed and he began to hear the sound of pencils.  She was coloring. "Synesthesia" He mutters. He heard the ruffles of paper and rolls of crayons, she was drawing again. 

He placed the eggs on the hot pan and took out three strips of bacon.  The smell of food moved throughout the house and he smiled. "Naomi!" He shouted flipping the bacon. "Purple or Red?" He asked. He heard the ruffling of papers stop.  "Um red!" She shouted back  running toward the kitchen door. He  began to flip the bacon and scrambled the eggs. "Don't even think of coming in the kitchen Missy." He stated and smiled as he heard her huff and run back to her chair.  He put the food on a small plate and took out some apple juice. Walking out of the kitchen, he frowned a bit as he watched his child look at the crayons confusingly. "Green- orange and black" She muttered not knowing that her father froze the minute the word black left her mouth.  You see Red meant Sweet, Purple meant sour - Orange meant Pain, Green was confused and Black.... Black meant danger, nightmares- her mother.

"Naomi dear" He had to be careful with his wording. Naomi looked up  from her crayons, smiling as she saw the plate of food. "Yes Papa?" She asked. He bit his lip. "Honey are you ok? You mentioned scary colors Sweetie."  He mentally smacked himself 'Really? Mentioned?'  Naomi frowned a bit and picked up her paper. She showed him her drawing and the plate fell to the floor with a crash. "Papa?" She questioned. What was wrong?  He didn't seem to hear her, his eyes were focused on the drawing she had. Wings...Six wings, two orange, one green and three black...  behind the wings were four hands, these hands were black as well but had orange underlining.  He looked at his daughter, shook his head and signed.  She wasn't going to school toady and he would miss work. It was time to see an old friend


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