He is my secret

My screams aren't enough . He wants a blonde one and I'm not her will he ever think about my feeling or will he play with it . Zayn is my secret and I'm his secret but he is with Perrie . I'm Clara the girl that belongs in a band called Dilerena (I know it's strange but I love this name ). Read more to find out


11. The best night ever

Clara's pov 

i finally arrived I knocked on the door while hiding my face I was scared that anyone would notice me . Then there I heard foot steps then the door opened and his face finally reviled I entered really quick that as if I feel right on top of him but we were standing he closed the door and gave me a fast kiss on my red lips 

Z: wow u really came fast

c: I know I just couldn't wait

Z: I kinda noticed 

C : so what do u have planned for the night 

Z: well a lot

C: well

Z: well first both are gonna cook dinner together and have a good meal then bake cupcakes and I got ur favirout icing and then watch a movie any movie u would like and u are staying over 

I lifted my bag up and said : I kinda noticed 

Z:hahahahahahahah ur smart

C: that's what they call me  

zayn started laughing and then said : did I mention that u look gorgeous red lips 


i smiled and said well thank and I wanted him to feel a little jealous because he always looks cute and I have to laugh and kiss him to make him feel better then it hitted me he is always jealous of how Harry is really close to me and then I said 

C: ohh well thank u harry said the same thing 

suddenly Zayn got a little slightly over mad so I smiled while he was so mad and I kissed him and said : I'm kidding I just wanted to see ur reaction he then held me tight by my hips pushed me to a wall and said: dont ever do this again or I will punish u hard 

i got scared and I looked to the floor he then lifted my chin and said : I'm sorry I just love u 

C: well will we stay like this lying and u cheating I don't want to be this kind of person zayn u

know me well

Z: I know and I will try   My best I swear 

C: do u love her " I asked as I was gettin closer to him he held me by my dress strings to come closer

Z: not as much as I love 

C: then why are u with her 

Z: I don't know I really don't know 

C: fine lets just forget everything and have fun 

his face light up and I ran to the bathroom to get in my pyjs a cute short that has share bears on it and a shirt with a big heart in the middle I braided my hair to the side I got in my flip flops made that my make up was still good got a Cardigen on and I went of to the kitchen I settled my bag in his room first then I ran downstairs when I entered zayn whistled I did nothing but smile and then I sat on the bar stool 

C: so what are we gonna cook 

Z: pizza , burgers and fries 

C: omg that is so not legal

Z: I know 

c: hahahahahhaahhahaha  

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