He is my secret

My screams aren't enough . He wants a blonde one and I'm not her will he ever think about my feeling or will he play with it . Zayn is my secret and I'm his secret but he is with Perrie . I'm Clara the girl that belongs in a band called Dilerena (I know it's strange but I love this name ). Read more to find out


8. Is he really falling for me

I woke up feeling so fresh as the wind breath comes blows through the window I woke to take a a cold bubbly  bath to refresh my sleepy body . I took off my cloth and relaxed my body with the water . Iafter I finished and got out and wrapped the woffy towel and entered my room to pick my outfit and I picked a flowery crop top filled with colors and a pink skirt that reaches my mid thigh but it is a Little puffy though and some high heeled short boots and I curled the ends of my tall brown wavy hair and I weared a tall Cardigen that is the same hight as the skirt and I had a small flower crown so I putted it on . I don't know why but I was super happy today 

i walked down stares to the kitchen and found Hannah eating her usual favirout breakfast which was some berries that has melted white chocolate drizzling on the berries and showering the nuts with chocolate spices so came in the kitchen and gave her a long warm back hug that  she loves and I got some chocolet covered cookies and a cup of chocolate latte to have my breakfast

H: so ur so happy and cheerful today

C:yes,I am and I don't know why but I'm super duper happy 

H :that's good ' she said while having this cute smile on her face well we are the same age so I bet we have the same childish attitude

H:so are u  ready for today 

C: you bet I am 

H: okay , I'm done ill go get changed and call the girls for the shopping party 

C:I feel sympathy for the shop owners N

H:yeah I know remember Zara's shop owner he was going to kick us out but when he found out we are buying a lot of stuff he just didn't move 

C:yeah , I remember or forever 21 

H: or H&M 

C:yeah that day was strange when Harry tried the bikini top on

H: well at least he didn't put on the bottom

C:yeah ,thank god 

H: ok I will go get ready now 

after she got out I washed some dishes when my phone rang I picked it from the table and to my surprise it was him I waited a little then answered 

C : didn't know that u were gonna call so fast

z : hahahahahahaha good morning hot shot

C: good morning 

Z:so what are up to today

C : well I'm going shopping with the girls.


Z: don't u wana come over

C: but why

Z : so we could like watch a movie or something

C : I don't know but u could come if u want 

Z no thanks I got a band meeting but if ur coming over come at 9:00 

C: fine see u there smudged llipstick

i remembered this because of my lipstick on his lips 

Z : okay red lips see u then 

C: bye love 

Z : bye babe 

~~~~~~~~~end of phone call~~~~~~~~~~~

hannah then came down wearing a mid thigh length  dress full of yellow and green flowers 

C: looking good 

H: oh shut up I heated the conversation 

C: ohhh my your a good spy 

H : I know ' she gigged a little 'so are u ready 

C: yup but 


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