I'm glad I found you

This is a story about a girl whose parents died during the war in her country. When she flees to England, she mets Niall Horan (One Direction - not famous) and her life changes.


19. The Prom

Liam's p.o.v.:

There were already quiet alot of people at the prom when we arrived. Meagan went to the side of the dance floor. She is a little bit shy. That is one of the things I like about her. She is not like the girls who are always looking for attention. I don't know if she realises how beautiful she actually is...

When they were playing 'Nince Crimes' by Damien Rice, I decided to ask her to dance. I hold her thigh around her waste and she lays her arms around my neck. I layed my head down in her neck since I'm taller than her. The perfume she was wearing smelt good. It smelt like roses. The next song was 'Problem' by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. Meagan and I were dancing crazy. We had such a great time. "Do you want something to drink?" I asked her after half an hour. "Yes, a lemonade please." I went to the bar and bought a lemonade and a coke. When I was dancing again with Meagan, someone bumped into her and her lemonade was all over my shirt. "Oh my god, Liam. I'm so sorry!" she said. "It's okay. Maybe we should go outside?" I asked her. She nodded and we went outside. We sat down on a bench. Meagan took out my jacket and dried my shirt with a tissue. She looked at me. Our lips were only a fiew inches away from eachother. I slowly kissed her and she kissed back. "I... I love you, Meagan." I stuttered. "I love you too, Liam."

Zayn's p.o.v.:

Marian and I had a great time at the prom. I'm not in love with her and I think she doesn't love me either. We're just friends and that's cool. I saw Liam and Meagan go outside. When they went back inside, there were holding hands. I smiled. Liam noticed us and he walked towards us - still holding hands with Meagan. "So, you guys are a couple now?" I asked them. "Yes, we are." They said at the same time and they blushed. "Congrats, mate." I said and I gave Liam a handshake. Then, I saw his shirt was dirty, Marian noticed it as well. "What happened to your shirt?" asked Marian. "Someone bumpded into Meagan and her lemonade flew over me." answered Liam. "What about you?" whispered Liam in my ear. "Just friends." I whispered. I smiled so Liam knew I didn't mind. Liam gave me a pat and went to the dance floor with Meagan. The song 'A drop in the ocean' by Ron Pope started to play and I asked Marian to dance.

Harry's p.o.v.:

Kira and I danced alot at the prom. When we were tired from all the dancing, we decided to go outside and walked around. "Wanna hear a joke?" I asked to break the silence. "Sure." "Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" "A cow goes..." "A cow goes who?" "No, a cow goes moo!" Kira started to laugh. "Oh my god, are you serious?" "No, it's a joke." I said laughing, she rolled her eyes but smiled. "Wanna hear another one?" "Go ahead." She said. "Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" "Lil old lady!" "Lil old lady who?" "Kira, I didn't know you could yodel." I wanted to start another one but suddenly, Kira kissed me; I kissed back. At least, now I know that she still likes me. And I like her too. "I... I'm sorry." said Kira. She looked away and blushed. "Don't be, please." I turned her face to me and I looked into her eyes. "I love you, Kira." "I love you too, Harry." She said and we kissed.

Louis' p.o.v.:

The prom was so much fun! Ophelia and I danced all night, even though I'm a terible dancer. I like Ophelia, but just as a friend. We've been friends for ages. This was the best night of my life.

Niall's p.o.v.:

Jane and I had alot of fun together. We danced all night. After a couple of hours, Jane and I went outside. It was a little bit too warm in the hall. "Niall, I love you. I really do. I don't know what I would do if you didn't find me. And..." I interrupted Jane by kissing her passionly. "I'm glad I found you."


The end




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